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Hashtag Help: LGBTQ Wedding at Penn Museum in PhilLy, PA

Howdy! 👋 Here for some hashtag inspiration. Even if you can't think of something that flows just right, ideas on words, locations, themes, etc. are also very helpful. The generators kinda suck and just spit out generic language that subs in your names. So, please, you brilliant, creative people - help your girl out. Here's the skinny:


Kat (that's me hi!) and Lauren will be married in September 2021 at the Penn Museum in Philly, PA.




Thinking about something to do with the Philadelphia Eagles and their saying, "Go Birds" changed into something with love birds.


Interested in a play on Philly, PHL, Pennsylvania;

Interested in a play on past and present - museum of old stuff / life ahead;

We'd like to keep our names out of it;

Would be good with something about two brides or brides or love wins or something like that but wanna to stay away from generic lesbian/gay language like #GayWeddingPHL, etc. and have it be a bit more personal.

Appreciate your help!


Re: Hashtag Help: LGBTQ Wedding at Penn Museum in PhilLy, PA

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