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Two outdoor wedding events + Princess-style wedding dress = disaster?

I am having a COVID-safe, 15-person ceremony this May in the mountains and then a larger reception with ~150 in April 2022 at an arboretum. These are both outdoor events, and I would like to wear my wedding dress for both of them. However, it is a princess-style dress with a small train and I don't want it to get ruined. (The ceremony in the mountains is very informal, no permit or anything, since it's so small it will literally just be us going to the mountains together and getting married and taking pictures). Because of this, there is no designated place to stand, just nature paths and some streets/driveways.

We will also be having a meal/movie/etc. event after the ceremony at our AirBnb where I could wear the dress (everyone will also be outside, but since it's our rented house I can have a more control there). But I adore my wedding dress, and I really want to get married in it, and it feels more trouble than it's worth to change into the dress AFTER the ceremony just to eat and watch a movie. Not to mention the difficulty of buying a NEW dress in ~2 months to actually get married in since I don't want to go to shops in-person because of COVID.

Any brides who have had outdoor weddings have advice on keeping your dress clean? How expensive would it be to clean it in between? Is this a recipe for disaster or am I overreacting?

Re: Two outdoor wedding events + Princess-style wedding dress = disaster?

  • Don't sweat it. As long as you don't completely destroy it, you'll be able to have it cleaned between events. (Although sitting around watching a movie in a big princess dress is likely to get uncomfortable.)

    We did photos outside in a garden after it had rained all morning. The bottom of my dress got pretty muddy. I had it professionally cleaned afterwards, and it's fine. 
  • Super helpful, thank you! Yeah since we'll be sitting outside and it'll be the end of the day I may change for that part haha. 
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