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Babe's Catering Conundrum

We are going full bore Texas for our wedding. Reception will be under gorgeous pecan trees with wildflowers in the surrounding fields.  Texas bourbons will flow.  Babe's is catering, and, as everyone who has ever enjoyed their food knows, they are definitely not vegetarian friendly.  We have 3 confirmed vegetarians attending.  How should we handle this?

A few options I've considered:
  1. Heavy vegetarian hors d'oeuvres 
  2. Separately prepared vegetarian entrees that are set aside.  Trouble will be serving, as Babe's will not serve food they did not prepare themselves. So we would need to procure them separately, and have someone else at the buffet to serve it to those three guests.
Does anyone have other suggestions (other than scrapping Babe's as the caterer.  That ship has sailed)?  

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