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Accidentally misspelled our wedding website URL on save the dates. Can I redirect?

denaodelldenaodell member
edited March 30 in Knottie Tech Help
I'm going to try calling the knot's customer service about this tomorrow, but for now wanted to see if anyone had any idea of how to resolve this..

My fiance and I just sent out our STD's, which we went over carefully with his parents and my parents, and we somehow managed to misspell his last name! It has two M's in it (and there's usually a space before the second M) so somehow in URL format we all totally missed it.

For now, we've changed the URL using The Knot's website builder (thank god there's an option for that lol) but we would like to have it spelled correctly if we can. The solution we came up with is to set up a forwarding domain at the incorrect address (the one people will type in from save the dates) and then have it land on our original URL.

Has anyone else ever done this before? Is it possible? We don't really even know where to start..

Thank you so much for any advice!
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