Why are cigars so expensive?

We wanted to have cigars for the bridal party and the guests (220) and went to a cigar store. They seemed to have everything but the prices started at 9.00 per. They had others but my FIL said "Dominican" so those were noticeably priced higher.  We were going to have a cigar roller from but dont want extra entertainment. Should cigars be priced this high?

Re: Why are cigars so expensive?

  • Good cigars are generally priced in that range or higher; I wouldn't bother with it at lower price points, you'll end up with horrible cigars which means anyone who's into cigars will not have a good experience, and anyone who has an interest in it could have it ruined by their first cigar being a bad one.  For that size guest count, I'd forget about it; most won't be interested to begin with, which means most get discarded, some may save them for "later" but not store them properly so they turn to junk anyway, and probably 5% will actually enjoy them.

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