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Summer or Fall SoCal Wedding 2022

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Hello! My fiance and I are planning a wedding in southern California (either Maravilla Gardens or Eden Gardens) for 2022 and don't know which month we should choose. Will June be too gloomy? Will September be too hot? Ideally, we'd like it to be warm enough so we don't need heaters, but also want to avoid our guests roasting in the California sun. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you! 

Re: Summer or Fall SoCal Wedding 2022

  • I'm not familiar with the areas you mentioned.  But I grew up on the Orange County coast (San Clemente).  I went back to my hometown for my own outdoor wedding in June 2013.  It's pretty much great weather all year round.

    So. CA can sometimes be foggy in the morning and evening, but usually not during the day.  Especially in warmer months.  In June and September, you definitely wouldn't need heaters.  Neither month is too hot if you are on the coast especially because there is usually a breeze.  But if you go 10-20 miles inland, it could be a little too hot in June and/or the beginning of September.  Maybe not, though.  Google the average temps for the cit(ies) you are considering.

    It also hardly ever rains in June or September.
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  • It is nice weather year round, and warms up a bit. If it is evening you may get a chill but if daytime you would most likely have good weather April, May, June or July. 
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