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Fun and unique entertainment ideas at reception?

Besides a photo booth and dancing, does anyone have good ideas for fun or unique things for guests to do?


  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    I don't think you need fun and unique entertainment at receptions. People will mingle and talk and catch up with one another if they aren't dancing.
  • I'll agree with @ILoveBeachMusic.  People don't need more activities.  Food, drinks, music are about what you need.  
  • Agree with PP's.  Talking, mingling, dancing, etc are all people need to do at a wedding - you dont' need anything else. 
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    I really hate "activities" at weddings. Especially now, I haven't been anywhere with more than a handful of people in months. If I go to a wedding this year, I'm going to be so excited to talk to friends/family, dance, and enjoy some [hopefully] yummy food and drinks. I would be so annoyed if I was expected to go play some annoying game or whatever.
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    Besides a photo booth and dancing, does anyone have good ideas for fun or unique things for guests to do?
    I think this is a know your crowd type situation. Does you family/friend group normally play games or do activities when they get together? Will your reception be held where games are easily played? 
    For most situations, people are able to enjoy themselves for a few hours by eating, drinking, and socializing.
  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    This is definitely a "Know your Crowd" thing...  If you've got the type of families that are a let loose at the campground (bocce ball, badminton, etc.) , vs. never get together and want to catch up, vs. a ADHD need to be constantly moving doing something, vs. a let's get the party started on the dance floor before the couple arrives for the reception..  All entirely different group dynamics... 

    A lot of families are keep the music low but danceable until about 8:45 then go ahead and bring it up a notch every 15 minutes so around 10PM it's club loud and they'll find ways to keep themselves entertained.  Some families are a deck of cards going at one or two tables...  Don't overproduce.  Glow Necklaces and bracelets still go over well and aren't something that necessarily needs a photo booth..    The one thing that I've found is nice across all types is some form of snack a little while after dinner (popcorn, cookies, smores, extra cake slices, small snack slices of pizza, etc.) because not everyone can have cake right away or it's a way for the bartenders to help curtail people who are indulging a little too strongly to get them to slow down..  Or it's a quick little snack before they head out or to take with them..  
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