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What do you do if you don’t like your engagement photos?

I booked a photographer through a wedding package with my venue and I thought they were good. I’m a plus size bride and I’m not trying to hide that, but I’m also not trying to have all the photos be about me and my many chins. But I just got back my engagement photos and I can’t stop crying because they are terrible photos! And I don’t know what to do - this photographer is already paid for and I’m generally a non confrontational person. I thought maybe it was all in my head - I’m just being an insecure bride. But my fiancé agrees that these photos don’t do either of us justice. My mom and MOH agree, too. We just look awkward and uncomfortable standing in the bright sun smiling too big from nerves. And yeah, I look especially fat in each photo. Again, I am plus sized and not trying to hide that. Just also not trying to highlight it. If that makes sense? So any help on how to proceed is appreciated - this includes how to contact the vendor and talk about the photos or how to find someone else for engagement photos or...what have you. 

Re: What do you do if you don’t like your engagement photos?

  • I would talk with them about what you don’t like about the photos. I would frame it as “I really want us to have a good working dynamic- here’s what I’m looking for out of the wedding photos” then maybe discuss what you want to see differently for the wedding pictures. If you two were nervous, try telling the photographer that and ask what they recommend- they should have ways to work with people who aren’t super comfortable. Have them take a ton of candida/ photo journalism style rather than a ton of staged photos. 

    I’d tell them you’re hoping the photos could be more flattering. Do you have photos that you feel good in? Could you share those and suggest you’re hoping to see something closer to that? 

    You should have the contact for the photographer directly. If you don’t I would contact whoever you’re working with through the vendor and tell them you’d like to work directly with the photographer to have a good outcome for everyone with the wedding photos. If they don’t or can’t give that to you I would tell the vendor you’re really disappointed and see what other options you have. 
  • You can't take those photos again anyway. I would accept them as they are
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