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Hi- I was wondering if anyone has any other bridal party gift ideas that doesn’t include: totes/bags, makeup bags, jewelry cases, mugs/drinkware/coozies, hangers, robes, or jewelry. Seems when I Google ideas it’s all the same stuff over and over again. I had a couple ideas: an outdoor vest with monogram, or a nice pair or sunglasses- but at least one of my bridesmaids would not appreciate either of these gifts, so I’m trying to come up with something else unique. Any ideas are welcome

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  • MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    The best bit of advice is "Instead of shopping for the same exact item for everyone, purchase for each member of the WP as-if you were purchasing them a gift for their Birthday that they would like/use!"  If they're not in to the whole monogram thing, best to leave it off.  Sunglasses are a really personal thing for style/fit so there's that too.
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  • CasadenaCasadena member
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    I'm a huge fan of gift cards or personalized gifts.  Personalized as in different for everyone based on personal taste and preference, not monogrammed.  I dont' actually know anyone who would regularly wear something with their name or initials on it. 

    Spend about the same on each person and get them something they would enjoy individually.  
  • flantasticflantastic The Midwest member
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    Thirded on shopping individually. Your bridal party members are not going to be upset that they all did not get the same item if they all actually get something they like and would use.
  • ei34ei34 member
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    My MOH/BM gifts were kind of similar but not identical- each received a bottle of her favorite wine, and gift cards to their favorite places.  If you have an BM who would love an outdoor vest or sunglasses, I think those are lovely ideas. 
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