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Hair and Makeup for some not all

Hi All,
I was originally planning on doing my own hair and makeup for the of the wedding or having a friend do it because I am not a fan of too much and not looking like myself. 
My few of my wonderful bridesmaids have offered to gift me as my wedding gift the hair and makeup so it's one less thing for me to worry about. I will likely take them up on the offer. My concern is when they extended it to the other bridesmaids only the one coordinating the plans is likely to also use the hair and makeup which has me concerned we will look very lopsided with one maid professionally done up and not the rest (4 others). I'm not about to force the other girls to get it done (nor do I consider the need for it  to the point to pay for the others) and I can't really ask this one girl not to get it done when she is paying for mine. 

I am I over thinking how different it will look? Thoughts?

Re: Hair and Makeup for some not all

  • You won't look lopsided!  The idea is that your make up will reflect well on you with less stress if you did it. 

    You can also talk to the BMs and ask if they're interested in also having it done and tell them there is NO PRESSURE but it will be approximately $x based on the quotes you get.  

    FWIW, I had my makeup done professionally as a BM and I didn't love it.   
  • Thank you for the comment. 
    My concern is more that it will look odd if only one of the gals gets professional makeup and the others don't. 
    I feel like it's one thing if the bride has make up and the maids don't but just one or 2 maids who look more formal than the others is that weird?
  • I don't think it will look weird at all!!!  Any of your girls could decide on their own to get it done if they wanted to.  Plus even when doing it themselves, people have VERY different levels of normal/fancy/etc so everyones makeup would probably look different anyway.  Accept the gift if you want to and don't worry about this BM (or any!) looking out of place
  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    It won't look weird. DD gave the option to her maids to have full make up done, none done or just eyes. Some did just eyes, I think only one (out of 5) did full make up and you can't tell from pictures.
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    Trust me, no one cares about your bridesmaids' makeup. I had four bridesmaids. One had pro, two did their own, and one doesn't wear makeup at all. Literally no one cared. The only reason I even know who had what was because we got ready in the same room. 
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