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Caterer Reccomendations?

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Looking to plan a wedding at a unique venue that only offers the space with nothing else (but it’s a really cool and very cheap space) so if we do this we need to bring in everything else and I was wondering if anyone is looking to do something similar and if you have any recommendations or advice for finding affordable caterers? I’m in the New Jersey area if anyone is familiar and has specific recs.

Re: Caterer Reccomendations?

  • I'd definitely look to local social media for this.  Consider searching FB as a resource. 
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    FWIW - you won't save a dime by doing this so don't expect a venue to be "cheap" just because it doesn't have everything and a venue even if you provide everything you're going to have additional logistics to consider that you likely haven't thought about (Electricity, Bathrooms, Parking, Bugs, Temperature, Weather/Rain, Noise levels, Proximity to Hotels, Seating for Ceremony & Reception, Catering logistics, Park entry fees, Setup/takedown time, damages, accessibility, etc.)...  Check out some campgrounds (like YMCA) as they'll often rent out for events and have things like kitchen staff/catering options in-house.  Google "Unique Wedding Venues near (your town) New Jersey", Barns, Vineyards, Campgrounds, etc.
  • Also @MesmrEwe is correct.  My H and I looked into some venues that were pretty fantastic but realized that the cost was going to go up (along with our workload!) when we realized that we were getting a space that had to have EVERYTHING rented. 

    If that's what you want then go for it.  We were ultimately really happy by using a place that only had us send in a cake and flowers. 

    Still, your local social media is going to be best for recommendations of places that are best for what you want. 
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