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Bridal Shower - MOH and Bride different views

What to do in bridal shower cost difference views?

Re: Bridal Shower - MOH and Bride different views

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    Your question doesn't give enough background information. You need to explain a bit more. I'm guessing that you are either the MOH or bride. If you are the bride you should not have anything to do with hosting your own shower other than providing a guest list within the parameters set by the person hosting the shower and providing dates that work for you. You should not be dictating how much the bridal shower costs because a shower is something a friend (or family member) is graciously offering to host in your honor i.e. it is a gift. If you are the MOH and you have offered to host a bridal shower, you should let the bride know how many people you can afford to host at what type of shower. Like can you afford to host a sit down luncheon at a restaurant or an afternoon get to together at your apartment with finger foods. Either one is perfectly acceptable.
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