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Help! Second Guessing Wedding Band!

So I went in today to have my wedding band custom made... The plan is to create a band with a gap so it sits flush with the engagement ring band,  but otherwise similar to the picture with 4 marquise diamonds. I love the peach sapphire engagement ring, but the extra diamonds just add the bling that I love too!... My MOH commented on how the diamonds of the engagement ring and wedding band will not nest, but be mirrored against eachother and she doesnt really like that. I am now second guessing it and it is a pretty large investment so I dont want to make a miatake...  What do you think? Is it too much? Should I go for something that "nests" better with the engagement ring? Really stressing out about this so any help or opinions are much appreciated!

Re: Help! Second Guessing Wedding Band!

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    So if I'm understanding you correctly, your ring will nest because it will be notched so that the center stone will fit into the band. Is that right? I think that will look fine. Keep in mind though that if you wear your band alone, it will look odd without the engagement ring (my daughter's set is like that). In the end, it is what you want and think that matters not what other people think. 
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    Your ring is gorgeous!!

    My bands nest my engagement ring and they look great together but I can’t really wear the bands apart from the e ring and that’s frustrating at times. 

    That said I think you should pick what you think looks best (not what anyone else things!) 
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    Once the engagement ring nests into the wedding band, I think that will look great.

    For my own wedding set, I couldn't wear the wedding ring by itself.  There is a major and obvious notch where the engagement ring nests into it.  However, I personally don't find it a big deal because I always wear them as the set anyway.

    I've never heard of a peach sapphire, but I love it and the way it plays with light!  In the top pic, it's slightly teal looking and then in the bottom pic it is a light peach color.
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    Thank you gals! I love how it reflects the colors from the environment too. The bands will be welded together. The jeweler said it's the only way to maintain structural integrity for the wedding band since it will have such a big gap. Yes it will be notched... I drew some mockups to explain it better (attached). My MOH doesnt like the gaps it will create- I colored that in orange. Now my mom agrees with her and I just dont know... Because the engagement band is not straight the only way to make something totally flush would be to create something like the other picture below, which would be pretty but less blingy lol. Let me know what you think.  
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    I would just go with the gap. Welding them together means that you will always have to wear both, or neither, and there are times when you won't want to wear your e-ring. For example, when I go to the gym, I often leave the e-ring at home and just work out or swim with the band. I think it's fine if your rings don't sit flush.

    Another option is to raise the setting of your e-ring. I had to have my stones reset a few years ago and the jeweler just raised the diamond and emeralds so that they sit higher. I didn't ask for this, but was pleasantly surprised to see that the wedding band and the e-ring now fit together.
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    Nested and soldered looks best together!  That said, the gap allows for an anniversary band in 10 years.  So it's really your preference and NBD whichever you decide to go with!  No one else is going to wear the ring but you so go with the one YOU like looking at the most!

    My suggestion for things like when you go to the gym is to purchase a stainless steel "bling ring" or band off of Amazon rather than wearing the real thing there then take it off when you get there for safety (unless you get one of the silicone ones).  That way you don't risk losing it.  
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    Thank you all so much for your input! I went back to the jewelry store today and agonized with the lady there for about 2 hours 🤣🤦‍♀️... I think we pulled out every ring in the store haha. I Finally decided in this band... they are going to custom make one that is contoured to fit exactly with my engagement ring. I feel SO much better!! I think it looks very romantic and like it complements the engagement ring better instead of competing with it. MOH, mom and fiance all approve and it is half the cost of the initial option. YAY! 
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    If you would like a custom design wedding band, you should look up benati, they do great craftsmanship.
    This is a "Ghost Thread" from 2021 and in the comments the OP shows her AMAZING resolution to the problem working with her local jeweler.  Remember to check the date before replying to posts knottieb4a535559b988162
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    Your ring and the choice of the band is amazing!! Love it  <3
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