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Hello everyone, my wedding date is scheduled in September, so I have only two months only. The problem is belly fat. My stomach is chubby, and I want to look fit on my wedding day. Is there any way to get a perfect body shape in two months? One of my friend suggested my about detox teas, what you people think about these detox beverages? Can I get a flat stomach with just tea, or is there any better way?

Re: Looking for weight loss suggestions

  • Unless you only have 5-10 pounds to lose, there isn't much you can do in two months.  I don't know a lot about detox teas, but I think they more help flush out your system.  I'd think the best they could do is (maybe) help with some water weight.

    However, actually losing some belly fat will usually involve a typical weight loss plan.  Eating fewer calories and exercising.  Contrary to popular belief, "site specific" exercises might help tone specific areas.  But they won't help you lose weight in specific areas.  Weight is lost overall.  Though some people gain/lose weight faster in some areas.

    For example, the first place I gain/lose weight is in my stomach.  But losing weight in my hips/thighs only comes with a more medium/long term weight loss plan.  Some people are the opposite.  Some people lose weight evenly.

    The other thing you can do is invest in some good shapewear.  It will help control and smooth out bulges.
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  • Those teas do not work. Don't even bother with them. If you want to slim down, it's really all about a healthy diet. Add in some cardio and weight training too. 
  • Do not do the detox teas or latest fad whatnot!  

    The question is whether it's inflammation (eating a food that causes bloat) or your tummy is where all things weight is at, or a combination of the two.  It then becomes what to do in what order...  Okay, start with cleaning up the diet, cut down the dairy consumption for a week and see what that does, if nothing, cut down the breads/refined flour type foods and for both cut the sugar down...  Next, start walking, work up to a mile, then work up to 3 miles per day (a 5k!) - that by itself may get the job done in the next two months as long as you remain consistent (aim to do this 4-5 days/week)...  

    From there, if you want more of a David Goggins approach (he lost something like 100lbs. in 3mo if I have the story right), follow his regime and get sadistic about getting into the gym, being physically active, and embrace the suck!  If you want a more muscular look like muscular definition, you've got to have more of a bodybuilder's approach which comes down to eating and physical activity/lifting (lots of reps with proper resistance).  Most bodybuilders are constantly eating, but everything they eat tastes like chicken/fish and green beans/rice, water is measured, etc., but two months can produce a significant change! (final contest cut/prep is usually 12 weeks to look like they do on stage for less than a week!)  The only question is two months of straight discipline and no cheat meals until the night of your wedding and working with someone skilled/monitoring the program.

    There's really no magic bullet and something to think about is, it's about what you want after the wedding as much as on the day itself.  Shapewear may be a possibility but you've got to have the right size for it to be comfortable and do what you need it to do.  It all depends on whether this is a just need to clean up the diet and a little walking fix or if this is a life trajectory wakeup and starting a program to look healthier for life.
  • Thank you all for your kind suggestions. So I should skip the idea of detox teas, and focus on diet and heavy exercise.
  • If drinking a "detox" tea could flatten your abs, or cause weight loss, there would literally be no fat people. There is no quick cure for this. The diet industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and yet people keep right on getting fatter. It's obviously a very complex issue.

    I'm no expert, but it's reasonable to think that reducing your calorie intake, even just a little, could help. And doing planks (google how to do these properly--with a flat back!) can tone the abdominal muscles. You might still have fat on top of them, but you will definitely look better within 6 weeks if you plank every day and cut back on some extra calories.

    But to really lose weight, you have to do regular strenuous cardio, as well as improve your diet permanently.
  • Don't do drastic...

    For "diet," don't diet... listen to your body. Make good choices; they don't need to be perfect choices. Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger. Don't eat late at night- last meal can be before a walk at night. Do not label foods as good or bad- if you want a cookie, eat a cookie, but not the entire box.

    Lift weights a few times a week (30 min) and go for a walk every night. If you have an Apple watch, aim for 10000 steps a day.

    Only step on the scale once a week.

    If you do it right, you can easily lose 3+ pounds the first week, and then 2 every week. 
  • Well, I'm definitely trying to eat less sugar, which is a huge part of my diet currently (; it's gonna be a struggle for sure! I have this great book called "I Quit Sugar" which has been very helpful!

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