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Slate Plus Prudie - Hallucinations ARE a Sign of A Medical (or Drug) Problem

Religious or unwell: A friend of mine who is now part of my family by marriage has recently decided to explore different religious traditions. I’m supportive of her finding her happiness however she chooses, but the things she talks about have me concerned. She claims to have a “spirit guide” that’s a dragon who visibly manifests to her, interacts with the world around her, and speaks to her in her mind throughout the day. She also has decided, on her own without a therapist or psychiatrist’s diagnosis, that she has “mostly integrated dissociative identity disorder” and that several of her personalities are not human—one is a harpy priestess of Zeus, for instance, and another is a cat that communes with the goddess Bastet.

Obviously, I’m not her boss, but I’m starting to get concerned. My question is, where is the line between religious experience and self-discovery, and genuine mental health issues? My first thought when she told me about the dragon was that she’s hallucinating and needs evaluation, but if I were to bring it up, I think she would feel offended because, according to her, it’s part of her spiritual and religious experience. I only brought up the personality issue because it started after this religious exploration, and has religious aspects to it as well.

Do I try to talk to her and suggest she might need help? Do I talk to the family member she’s married to and see what they think about it? Do I go straight to the intervention level? Or am I totally off the mark here and this is within the realm of normal spiritual experience for people?

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Re: Slate Plus Prudie - Hallucinations ARE a Sign of A Medical (or Drug) Problem

  • Sorry the middle paragraph is enormous.  Not sure why that happened, but I can't fix it.
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  • This is a serious issue and one that needs to be reported.  

    Unless the friend went into the upside down and encountered a Demogorgon I'm thinking she needs medical help and fast.  If she's telling the truth I hope she can find Barb. 
  • This person...I'm going to call her Debra...needs medical help and probably the best person to speak to is the family member they are married to.  Hopefully, the spouse is as concerned if not more.  Maybe hearing from a more outside source, like the LW, that Debra's beliefs are not something to ignore would be enough to push the spouse to do something.  Especially if the LW agrees to be part of an intervention.

    Debra's H should meet with a therapist to formulate the best way to convince her it's a good idea to seek help.  I'd think maybe the easiest way to is to use her own beliefs to do it.  For example, she already thinks she has "integrated dissociative identity disorder" (I don't know what this is).  So use that to convince her that the next course of action is to visit a doctor, to discuss the best ways to manage/get help for it.  
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  • Besides being weird is Debra a threat to herself or others? If the answers No then Idk what anyone can do, unfortunately. 
    Try voicing your concerns to their SO but if they aren't worried then I would distance myself from the situation.
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