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Hey! I am just curious when you are reaching out to different wedding planners how many do you typically contact? I fill out a lot of forms because there are so many that look good and offer what I am looking for
but I honestly don't have time to meet with them all. They all write back and offer meetings but now I am finding I really don't want to meet with them all as that would take forever ya know?
Should I respond to them if I am not interested like if I decide they are not a good fit for me should I tell them I booked
someone else? It is just a lot to keep up with all the vendors responding back to me. I am busy and am getting a lot of vendors whom are great at following up but I on the other hand not so good! LOL Just wondering should I take the time to tell them I am all set or whatever? Do you think they will go away if I don't respond? ha! Just wondering what everyone else is doing?

Re: wedding planners

  • You should let them know you have already made arrangements or hired someone else. That is the polite thing to do. I am assuming you are communicating through e-mail. It won't take long to let them know.
  • I don't think you owe a business an explanation when you decide not to hire them. It's just business. But from a practical standpoint, I would send them a quick decline so that they stop following up. A simple "thank you for the information, but we've decided to go a different direction" is fine.

    I didn't hire a wedding planner, but I generally met with 3-5 vendors from each category before making decisions. 
  • If you dont have the time to interview the Wedding Planners then check the reviews to see who has the best. 
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