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Trying to add a registry link to a custom page in wedding website, but it just redirects to the knot

Hello -

I decided to use zola for my wedding registry as fees for cash gifts are a little smaller. In this case, I've elected to use a custom page on the website to direct guests to my zola registry as the knot out of the box page has a plug-in to their registry. 

When I try to insert a link on my custom registry page, it acts like the link is working, but if I go to click on it, it just redirects me to my knot wedding site homepage. Is this just the knot trying to prevent competitors sites outside of the registry linking or is there something I'm doing wrong. I see some posts from back in the day where people were adding code to customize their site. I'm semi-technical so if there's a solution like this I'd love to hear about it.

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