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Finally Friday!

Happy FriYay!

It seems like it's been a long week.  Last night my boss had a BBQ for the team.  It was really nice.  She has a cute house and beautiful gardens.  It was a beautiful night to be on the deck.

We're planning on dinner out tonight but not sure where yet.  Our plans for tomorrow got postponed so not sure what we'll do then either.  My brother brought over a dresser that's been in the family a long time.  It needs to be cleaned up and polished.  I may do that as I can have the windows open as I work on it in the kitchen.  Sunday, we're doing in-person church (masked and social-distanced) for the first time.  DH's sister, niece and great-niece will be in town and are planning to stop over later in the day.  Otherwise, just hanging out at home.

What's everyone else doing this weekend?

Re: Finally Friday!

  • Lake tomorrow! Suppose to be nice, and not as heavy humidity as it has been. A nice break this weekend.

    Unfortunately BK got sick in the car last night. Even clinic thinks it's heat related motion sickness. We've looked into it, and it's safe to flip BK's car seat.

    I've got to finish painting my kitchen counters. Bathroom and kitchen walls need to be painted, but I think our next project/task is our mud room.
    I saw this at ikea, and although it's for outside I think it might be a great idea for our mudroom. I could put a few around the sides instead of the bar and shelf idea.

    ÄPPLARÖ Wall panel, outdoor, brown stained, 311/2x621/4" (80x158 cm) - IKEA

    They do have one with a shelf. Also I would probably either paint or stain it a different colour once we decide if we're getting it and/or painting the mudroom. Although, if we have enough paint left over I may end up painting the mudroom the same as kitchen and bathroom
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    DH and I both have to work tomorrow.  Blerg. DH is going to take DefConn to the office with him (there's only 3 people that will be there and DefConn will probably hang out in DH's personal office that has a door and all that).  I'm picking my friend's son up for her tonight and then they will stay for dinner.  Sunday, we're supposed to go boating. 

    DH got his start date from the new job.  It's about a month away, but that gives him time to finish the other hiring process and use up his sick and vacation time he's accrued. He's also planning on tackling some projects that have been paused due to our crazy schedule as of late. 

    Also with the new job, the pay schedule will be way better than the current one he's on.  He currently gets paid on the 15th and last day of the month.  With his new job, he'll get paid every two weeks on the opposite weeks from me.  It will make budgeting so much easier and I'll be able to put more bills on auto-pay.  Of course if he gets another offer, then that's all possibly out the window.  

    My stylist is on the mend.  She had a flooding issue at her house and they had to do demo. She had black mold poisoning from the construction work since she's apparently beyond highly allergic to it.  

    Random, an ear of corn fell on my foot last weekend from our patio table as we were shucking it.  My toes are still super black and blue. So weird, but at least they don't hurt. 

    I'm very excited that the forecast over the next couple weeks is in the low 80's.  I'm beyond ready for fall.  Jeans and boots, y'all! 
  • @MissKittyDanger, I love that wall panel!  It could be so versatile.

    My H needs a new phone, so we are doing that this afternoon.  Which has infuriated me, yet again.  He carelessly left his phone on the open tailgate of my truck, so we had to buy him a new one.  We bought him the same one I had, because I liked it.  But then it turns out that specific phone had a fatal manufacturer's defect and after only about 18 months it starts to have major problems charging.  I was livid when I had to replace my phone about 6 months ago because of that.  And now my H's phone is doing the same thing.  Of course.  So now I've been robbed twice, smh.  I wish I would have remembered he had the same phone when we found out about the defect.  We might have still been within the one year warranty window, where we could have had it replaced with a similar phone.

    But other than that, should be a good weekend.  Going out to lunch today, though I'm not sure where.  Maybe another restaurant outing this weekend.  De-cluttering/fixing up the house has been put into higher gear, so some of that.  I am also really hoping we can catch up with our neighbor and get a definite "yes or no" on signing the PA.  Now that the stakes are higher because her answer hinges on decisions/plans for selling our own house, I am on PINS AND NEEDLES.  I need to know what direction we will be going in, so I can plan accordingly.
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  • @mrsconn23 Glad your H is going to have some time off before he starts new place. I missed it, but is it basically same job new company?

    @short+sassy Right!? they have one that's $20 more with a shelf. I'm not against that idea, but I may only do 1 with shelf. I think our mudroom could handle 2 panels on one wall, and 1 on another wall? I'm showing M later, he has better reference for sizing lol

    {side note: I also showed M - he figures we should paint before putting them up. With current shelf and bar likely needs some covering of holes and it'd be easier that removing and painting}
  • I'm cautiously optimistic that this week is wrapping up on a high note, but it's Friday the 13th so I'll probably get some annoying project dumped in my lap at 4:30. I just got a new longer term project assignment and it's a fun one. I'm looking forward to spending next week getting started on that. 

    It should be a chill weekend here. Tomorrow we're going to start this hiking challenge. (66 miles over the course of several hikes; should be a couple of months.) I'm hoping we can get up and out early, because it's still hotAF. I'm hoping to go out for sushi tomorrow night. Sunday we're supposed to go to a game in the afternoon. Other than that, sleep and chores. 
  • @mrsconn23 Glad your H is going to have some time off before he starts new place. I missed it, but is it basically same job new company?

    Totally new company and job function.  He has experience in a lot of what he will be doing, but his day to day work is going to very different than what he does in his current role.   
  • I work for a family-owned company.  I'm going to call them Company C and the client I work for LMN, for the sake of this story.  One of the "younger generation" of Company C works in my same cube room.  I just overheard him talking about what other companies are doing in terms of vaccinations and employees.  He said, "I know it isn't Company C-like to require vaccinations..." LMAO because I've said the same thing.

    But I also overheard some of the things LMN is doing.  They are not currently requiring their employees to be vaccinated.  Though most of them have been WFH during this entire pandemic anyway.  But they have decided to reward employees who get vaccinated.  They haven't decided on the reward yet, but there's been talk of either bonus vacation days or money.  Unfortunately, since I'm not their employee, I wouldn't be entitled to that.  But I thought it was interesting and "bravo" to them for using a "carrot" approach.  Though, in my perfect world, companies would use a carrot and a stick to help push vaccinations.

    Starting Monday, NOLA is taking a page out of NYC's COVID playbook.  You're required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test taken within the last 72 hours in order to go to all kinds of places.  Gyms, indoor dining at restaurants/bars, stadiums (1st pre-season Saints game is this weekend), music venues, casinos, bowling alleys, etc.

    Something neat that Louisiana started (I think) a couple months ago is they now have an app...totally owned/run by the state...that you can use as your "digital" driver's license.  You can also tie-in your vaccination record to this app and use that as proof of vaccination.  You can even renew your driver's license with this app!  If you get pulled least in Louisiana...police are required to accept the "digital driver's license", even if you don't have the physical card with you.
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  • I found a small petting zoo/farm nearby that i really want to take the boys to this weekend.  It will be a good trial run for the big zoo that we'd like to take G too sometime this season!  Plus, they have a camel and G has been obsessed with camels since he learned that they spit.  He has a tiny camel figurine that he walks around with all the time while making spit noises, lol.  

    Hope everyone else has a nice weekend!  
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    @MyNameIsNot that’s quite a hiking challenge!
    @levioosa yay for vaccinating 3 staff members!
    Long day at my parents’ pool with them and my siblings.  Tomorrow is the last day of the heat wave with a high of 88…hoping summer is wrapping up here too.  Or at least the 80s and 90s.  Just errands, swimming and mass on the weekend agenda. 
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