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Ungrateful Bride or Lack of Etiquette

I am MOH for my future sister in-law's wedding (fiancé's sister).  She has four other bridesmaids and no one else has contributed anything to her wedding.  I planned and paid for the entire bachelorette and bridal shower, and am the only one who had to buy their own dress. After the bridal shower, she gave everyone in her family/bridal party a small vase with wildflowers except for me.  She texted thanks but has not acknowledged my work in any other way.  I'm not sure if this is a lack of understanding of bridal etiquette or if she's ungrateful.  I am incredibly hurt since I have spent a significant amount of time, energy, and money without thanks.  How do I bring up my concerns without sounding rude?

Re: Ungrateful Bride or Lack of Etiquette

  • If you're asking about bringing up something saying "Hey where's my present? or Where's my TY?" I would tread really lightly.

    The only thing I would possibly consider doing is if after the wedding when things are totally settled, if you honestly have zero words of appreciation from her then talk to her one on one.  I'd say that you truly value her as family and a friend and you want to make sure that things are OK between the two of you and that you can't help but notice she publicly gifted others and not you and you hope there are no issues.   I'd be VERY careful with any conversation like that though.  They can go south fast and can look like you're fishing for presents when what you are likely seeking is the validation that she's appreciative of your efforts.  
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