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Groom needs advice on wedding planning

Why is the groom planning the wedding, my future brides first language is not English and it just easier for me to manuver and she is not as familiar with the area as I am.  She is helping with final decisions, but I am doing most of the foot work.  We are in our 50's, and it will be my first and only marriage.

I have a large family- even trying to keep it small there will be about 200 guest.

There will be no rehearsal dinner or attendants....just the two of us, it will also be an outdoor evening wedding, with a backup location incase of bad weather.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and afraid I am going to overlook something.

What am I over looking, so far I have :

Bridal Bouquet
Flowers DIY - worked florist
Cake/cupcakes - I bake as a hobby

Re: Groom needs advice on wedding planning

  • Does your venue provide tables and chairs? If not, add renting those to your list.
    Sound system? Make sure that is included or you will need to rent one.
    Make sure the marriage license is valid for the venue you are using. For example, if the wedding is in a different town, the license will have to come from that town hall. At least, that's how it works here.
    Music for the ceremony itself? Is that part of what you want the DJ to do, or is that a separate thing?

    And it's a lot to do both the flowers and the cake/cupcakes. Are you sure you want to take those on? But if you do decide to bake your own cake, make sure the caterers you hire are willing to serve it. Some only do their own food for liability reasons.

    That's all I can think of. Congrats!
  • Have you ever made 250 cupcakes before? Baking, icing and decorating all of those is going to take a lot of time. Make sure you're realistic about how long it will take and whether you're able to devote that kind of time to making all of those, transporting them, and setting them up at the venue. Also, if you have people travelling, you may want to leave time to be able to see people the day before.

    Decor - Does your venue provide any decor for the tables? What are you doing about centerpieces? If you're outside, do you need to rent a dance floor?

    Photographer - You don't have anything on your list.

    Ceremony space - assuming your ceremony is at the same venue. Are you just going to have people sit at their tables or do you need to have chairs and decor set up in a different space? Will the venue staff supply the chairs and decorate?

    Attire/beauty - You both need your clothes and accessories, and your bride may want to have her hair or make up professionally done. Assume you also want rings.

    Transportation - It's an extra, but a lot of people get a limo or town car at the end of the night. If your venue is in a rural or difficult to access area, you may want to look into a shuttle for guests. 

    Invitations - And Save the Dates if you want them. 

    Traditions - Do you want to do any family or cultural traditions? (Unity candle, broom jumping, glass). Does your bride have anything to incorporate? 

    That's all I can think of. I think in questions, but just jotting down thoughts. Check out some wedding planning budget tools. Most of them are full of unnecessary extras, but should jog your memory if you've missed anything important. 
  • Honestly - do one or the other when it comes to cake/cupcakes or the floral even though you've got experience/do for fun.  You're the groom, and it's okay to delegate to someone you know does a great job and pay them appropriately for the level you expect things done!  If this was 20 guests in your back yard, that'd be one thing, but this is multiplied on a scale of 200+, go ahead and delegate!  The day-of, you're going to have a ton of details to be attending to, none of which should involve the reception.  Even professionals hire colleagues when it's an event for themselves!  A friend of mine laughs about wanting to "return the favor" (While I'm long away from that field, my order is usually "Here's the details, here's the date, here's the budget, have fun - do something you've wanted to get to do but haven't had the client for it!!")

    Your attire for the day along with a trip to the barber to look your best the day-of is something not on your list...  Also, your bride's hair/makeup stylist and attire...  

    Also - the outdoor venue...  Things like ensuring you have enough tables/seating so people don't have to be moving stuff around, bathrooms and hand-washing stations (not hand sanitizer which isn't a substitute for proper hand washing!), insect/bug/heat protection for food/cake, "in case of temperature swing" (some parts of the year depending on the part of the country you're in can go from snow to 95 degrees in the same month..), ice/water for guests...

    Definitely a photographer!!  Even if you just have them there for an hour or two having someone to take key photos like the two of you, your family/friends, etc. is one of those things that down the road you'll thank yourself from having done because you'll have some good pictures..  
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