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Need Ideas! Weekend Activities with Guests Prior to Sunday Wedding

Hi! We are planning on getting married at the Mirage on a Sunday evening with ~75 guests and most people will arrive Friday afternoon. I'm trying to brainstorm how we can create opportunities to spend time with our guests Friday/Saturday without spending a lot of money because our budget is about maxed out.

My initial thought was, everyone needs to eat throughout the weekend, so it might make sense to coordinate group dining with Mirage and basically be tell guests what we're doing (e.g. drinks at Center bar for 2 hours on Fri, late brunch at Pantry on Sat, etc.) and they can choose to join us if they want. Obviously with a large group and to reserve space, Mirage can't do separate checks for everyone and there's a F&B min - would it be tacky to provide guests with this "itinerary" ahead of time, the menu, and cost per person and allow them to RSVP have them pay us ahead of time (since we need to pay Mirage up front) if they want to join? I kinda figure you plan to spend money to go to dinner on vacation, so it's kinda similar, we're just coordinating it? (Note: Rehearsal dinner is hosted)

Our wedding is next September, which is still pool season, so maybe he and I can get a daybed and be like "we'll be at the pool from 2-5"? People can pay for their own drinks and food and there's plenty of space in/around the pool if we have a large number of people with us at one time.

Are there any other ideas on how we can be available to hang out with a large number of guests throughout the weekend without needing to pay for them?
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