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Leftover favors

We have extra favors (personalized bottles of beer) that I would love to share with some friends and colleagues. Does it go against etiquette to hand out leftover favors after the event?

The people I have in mind are those who I know enjoy craft beer and I was thinking of just leaving it on their desk or mailbox with a short note, but I don't want them to feel as if I'm drawing attention to the fact that the wedding happened and they weren't invited. Another option would be to peel off the personalized label so that the bottle doesn't give any indication of being wedding-related. Or, of course, I could just not give them out at all if you think there's any risk of offending someone.

Thanks in advance; I appreciate your thoughts/suggestions!

Re: Leftover favors

  • I definitely wouldn't give them to people who weren't invited to your wedding. Perhaps you could peel off the personalized labels and serve them at a get together at your house. Otherwise you could offer them to people who did attend/were invited to your wedding.
  • Thank you for your response! I'm glad I asked here before handing them out :)
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