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Pregnancy friendly spanks…help!!!

Hello all, I am getting married sept 30th and 18 weeks pregnant. I didn’t expect to be so big at this point and I’m not sure my dress will fit still on that day. My fitting is sept 14th.  Any suggestions for spanks that are comfortable when pregnant? Should I call and beg them to let me exchange for the next size up? (David’s bridal-tags still on) 

Re: Pregnancy friendly spanks…help!!!

  • I would see how much they can let it out. If your wedding is 3 weeks away I can’t imagine they’ll be able to order you a new one in time. I might move your fitting (or schedule another fitting) the week before the wedding, that way you’re getting the last fitting as close to the wedding as possible.  
  • If they'll let you exchange it for the next size up - THAT is the way I'd go and do this sooner than later - it's easier to take the bust in than manage that which you don't have control over (baby bump size!)...  Spanx and 20w - oh Lawd no - be kind to yourself plus with baby moving around, last things you want to do is make yourself more uncomfortable especially knowing the day-of your wedding you'll be doing a lot of moving around, dancing, etc.
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