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Catholic marrying a Lutheran

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Hi all! Wanted to hear some other peoples opinions on this.
My fiancé is a devoted catholic and I am a devoted Lutheran. We are planning on getting married this next summer in Denver and want to get married in a church. We both agreed that we would get the ceremony approved by the Catholic Church if we had the service in a Lutheran church.
My fiancé is worried that because it won’t be in a Catholic Church we won’t get it approved. My parents had the same situation (dad is catholic, mom is Lutheran, had the ceremony in a Lutheran church and a priest came and blessed it). Theirs was approved so I don’t see how there could be an issue.
I am curious if this is still possible or if Denver Catholic Churches are more strict?
Thank you!

Re: Catholic marrying a Lutheran

  • For it to be a valid Catholic marriage, it needs to go "through" the Catholic church. Doesn't mean it can't happen in the Lutheran church, but before setting a date and making any other preparations, go to the Catholic parish and start on the marriage prep. They will guide you on the dispensations needed to get married elsewhere. 
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