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Wedding Smile HELP!

So this is my first post and not sure if I put it in the right spot but I need advice!! About a year ago I got braces on to fine tune a few things I didn’t like about my smile so it would be perfect for the big day. I was supposed to get them off a month ago but due to a stubborn tooth we kept them on to get everything just right. My big day is a week away and am scheduled to get them off on Wednesday. I got an email yesterday saying that there was a bit of a COVID outbreak within the office and that all appointments this week will need to be rescheduled as the office will be closed.

I’m absolutely freaking out, as I’ve called and can’t get through to anyone. Left messages and no response. I just have no idea what to do about them and don’t even know where to go with this situation. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions??? 

Re: Wedding Smile HELP!

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