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Classic: No booty with baby on board

My husband and I had a great sex life. Now I’m pregnant and he just can’t see me that way. We’ve talked, and there is no doubt in his mind that we’ll bounce back post-baby. I find his earnestness about wanting to protect the baby and his fear that something will go wrong endearing, but irrational. He knows it’s irrational. Do I just have to resign myself to months and months more of a sexless marriage? It’s such a shame!

Re: Classic: No booty with baby on board

  • I think minimum you can say you’re nog okay with this, it makes you feel like nothing more than an incubator, and that you expect him to Be at least trying to get over it. 
  • Months and months leads me to beileve that she’s not about to pop any day. If I was LW I would gather some articles about it still being safe to have sex during this time and show them to hubby.  “If it’s on the internet, it’s gotta be true”.  Or - next doc appt have him attend (dads are allowed now, right!) and ask that question infront of their obgyn. 

  • Send him the link to the Mayo Clinic info on sex being fine during pregnancy. Sounds like she’s pretty early along so maybe his feeling will fade as she makes it further along? H was a little weird as I got a lot further into the third trimester but we just switched up positions/ oral. 

    If you can’t talk about this in a way that you can compromise what’s going to happen later in pregnancy and postpartum? If he’s not okay with penetration what about oral? What you can do to satisfy you (and especially in the second trimester when hormones can get a little crazy) but also help him read and enjoy. 
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