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Color Scheme for Marine groom

My fiancé plans to wear his Marine dress blues for the wedding but my color scheme is burnt orange/terracotta and sage green. Do I keep the rest of the groomsmen and bridesmaids in my color scheme or should I change the whole thing to match my fiancé?? Will it look strange if he doesn’t match with my colors or will it be fine considering the circumstances? Ps all of his groomsmen are marines as well so they could potentially wear their dress blues too. 

Re: Color Scheme for Marine groom

  • All of the Marines in their Dress Blues are going to look amazing with the color scheme you picked out!  It's an official uniform as opposed to random combination of colors and one person sticking out because they're wearing something contrasting.  

  • He will coordinate with those colors and look great.
  • The dress blues will look great with your colors. If they are all active marines, I'd have them wear them. It will be cost effective and very impressive. Something about a man in a uniform.......
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