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Re: Mundies

  • The Mother is my favorite 
  • Casadena said:
    Brandi Carlisle was on SNL last weekend and I actually cried during her 2nd performance it was so good.  I'veknown her name forever but just recently started listening and i'm loving it.  

    @mrsconn23 my H and I were talking about seeing her next year at REd Rocks too!!!!  Small world :)  
    Same re: Brandi Carlisle. I've known her name for a while, but just recently started getting in to her music. She is amazing. I honestly get chills from her voice. She was so good on SNL too!
    Her SNL performances were so, so amazing.  It's why I want to go to a full concert so bad.  Also, one of her close friends and collaborators is Shooter Jennings (which he was playing piano on SNL with her) and DH LOVES him.  So hopefully he may be on the road with her too?  ;) 
  • Love love love The Eye, The Joke (this makes me cry every time), The Story, Right on Time
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