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Classic: DO NOT tell her. It will only harm your daughter.

My adult niece and nephew took my teenage daughter out of state to get an abortion. They told me it was a vacation, so I allowed it, but I wouldn’t have had I known its true purpose. My sister is pro-life, and might well disown her children if she knew about this. Telling her would be a good way to punish them, but I do love my daughter and don’t want her to feel responsible for whatever happens. Should I tell my sister or not?

Re: Classic: DO NOT tell her. It will only harm your daughter.

  • What do you think comes of telling your sister?   This will affect your relationship with her, her relationship with her kids and her relationship with your daughter. 

    What's done here is done.  If she's pro-life but not pro-compassion what is gained by saying that she knows someone who has had an abortion? 

  • So you want to damage your child’s relationship with her family, your sister’s relationship with her family all because your daughter did what was right for her? The cruelty is astounding. 
  • Don’t tell. Send them a substantial visa gift card as a thank you for taking care of your daughter when she was in need. 
    ...because you wouldn't.

    OP, this is your daughter's private medical information!  Do you seriously think it's okay to blab it all around, just because it's your child?

    But you just keep on saying you're a Christian, while you use your religion as a sword and excuse to behave like a cruel monster.

    I realize she didn't say she was a right-wing, "fire and brimstone" Christian.  But I think we all know.
    You bring up the good point that what was LW's long term plan here?  If her daughter carried to term what was her proposal?  

    Again, being pro-life and being a mother need to be linked.  That means your daughter needed support and felt she couldn't go to you.  Think of why that is and what you would try to do to both help her and help that baby.  Being pro life cannot and never meant being pro-birth and surely cannot mean being critical of the mother.
  • got some damn questions.  Hey mom, your teenage daughter didn't come to you when she needed a medical procedure so, maybe, Maybe, MAYBE you got some guilt going on here?

    Leave those kids alone.  You need to work on yourself and then your relationship with your daughter.
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    Hey LW, fuck you. 

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