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Reception but send off party-

When my then fiancé now husband and I got engaged we both already knew we didn’t want to have an actual wedding or wait long to actually get married. So we opted for a trip to the courthouse in October just us and we’ve planned a trip to Alaska in July to get wedding photos taken while we’re there. We definitely want to have a celebration type party before Alaska which will be super casual at a local brewery no wedding dress or tuxes. We just want to celebrate with our close friends and family! But what should I call this party? Part of me wants to wait to have it until after Alaska so we can show photos but I also think a send off party to Alaska would be fun. SOS and then what type of timeline do you do for events like this?? Any and all comments would be helpful! 

Re: Reception but send off party-

  • The best name for this type of party is a Marriage Celebration party.  You can mail out invitations with an RSVP card or RSVP instructions, about 6-8 weeks before the event.

    That's up to you all, if you want to have your party before or after your trip to Alaska.  But I also think it would be more fun to have it before the trip.

    Congrats on your wedding and enjoy your Alaska trip!  It sounds amazing.
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    Congratulations on your wedding! I agree with @short+sassy. When you post on more than one thread please put XP in title though.
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