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XP Alaska Wedding Photos - Party?

When my then fiancé now husband and I got engaged we both already knew we didn’t want to have an actual wedding or wait long to actually get married. So we opted for a trip to the courthouse in October just us and we’ve planned a trip to Alaska in July again just us to get wedding photos taken while we’re there. Alaska is literally the other side of the country for us so we didn’t plan or expect anyone to go plus we’d rather not have to worry about anyone else while we’re there. We definitely want to have a celebration type party before Alaska which will be super casual at a local brewery no wedding dress or tuxes. We just want to celebrate with our close friends and family! But what should I call this party? Part of me wants to wait to have it until after Alaska so we can show photos but I also think a send off party to Alaska would be fun. SOS and then what type of timeline do you do for events like this?? Any and all comments would be helpful!
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