Wedding Woes


I am a bridesmaid this weekend (its THURSDAY) and the bride just notified us that the MOH has COVID and will not be in attendance this weekend. 

Any suggestions on how to make the wedding just as special for the bride and MOH to share?!!?? 


  • Not much you can do except facetime/zoom so that the MOH is able to see and somewhat interact without being there.
  • Some of this depends on how she's feeling.  It'd be nice to get her the bouquet she would've carried.  Maybe someone can bring her a plate from the reception (to have later if she can even taste).  Stream the wedding for her.  heck, if she can, I see no reason she can be in her dress and with her bouquet and, technology wiling, still give her toast.  in roller derby, we always carried a picture of a team mate and took pictures with that picture, like they were there and that could be fun too.  Send pics of the getting ready process or whatever events she is missing out on.
  • If it's local enough, it would be nice if someone brought the MOH's bouquet to her door or had it delivered.

    Send her texts with pictures during the reception.

    Was the MOH going to give a toast?  If so, maybe get the verbiage of the toast from her and do the toast on her behalf.  Something like, "I know Jane Doe is so disappointed she can't be here today, but she would like me to offer this toast to the happy couple..."

    I hope your all's friend is okay and gets well soon.
    BIL's bff was suppose to be best man. Ended up being M.
    M got his bff to record the speech so M could bring it in {facetime/zoom wasn't an option}
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