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Friyay Friyay

We had a book fair in our office building and I knocked out 90% of my Christmas gifts. VERY happy for that.  My Dad is left, and he’s always the hardest to buy for.
House cleaning on Saturday, then a lightscape show with my meetup girls. Hopefully it’s not to cold. 


Re: Friyay Friyay

  • I need to hear more about this book sale @CharmedPam.  I loved that Scholastic book fair feeling from grade school.  I'm 97% done with gifts too, it's a good feeling.  

    Crazytown week is officially over.  I have my Covid booster this evening and planning on Thanksgiving prep/relaxing this weekend.
  • Very much like a scholastic book fair, yes.  I’d say 80% of the items for sale are books, the rest is junk you had no idea you needed.  Supposedly at a discounted price. I got a bit of both.  Books ‘n junk. 

  • Happy birthday, @kerbohl!  You're my "almost" WW birthday twin.  My birthday is tomorrow, but I'm not doing anything special for it.

    Today will be really busy for me!  I even had to put a list on my phone, so I didn't forget anything
    • Pick up Blaze pizza, because they are having a $5 special
    • Stop at bank (at least it is across the street from Blaze)
    • Meet H at Costco to finish weekly scanning.  But we are going to eat the previously mentioned Blaze pizza in the food court first, lol.
    • Gas station audit.  I'm going to see if I can self-move the due date to Tues. but, if not, I'll suck it up and complete it today.
    • Visit an auto-title company to get my REAL ID.  Because my driver's license expires on my birthday tomorrow.  And, since I need to get a REAL ID by 2023, I might as well do it now.  I had certainly planned to do it sooner, lol.  But time got away from me.
    That's just today, phew.  At least, I don't have much planned for the rest of the weekend.

    We might go to Home Depot to buy a ventless gas heater and paint.  Our current gas heater is eons old.  I think it might have even come with the house when I bought it over 10 years ago, lol.  It still works, but now the pilot light needs to be relit every time it is turned off.  New ones are $220 (including tax).  I'm hoping we can sell the old one for 60 bucks, even with the problem it has.

    Speaking of the cold, I also want to get something to block the window closest to our bed, in our bedroom.  It's old and single-paned, so it lets so much cold in!  I had actually meant to get a new window before winter, but didn't realize the massive window shortages going on until too late.  I'll try again next year.  I think there are special films that can be used but, at this point, I don't even care if we just throw a piece of wood against it and call it a day, lol. 

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  • Books 'n Junk sounds like my perfect store, lol.

    We finally have a properly working fridge! I can't remember if I mentioned it but ours was dying. They came out and replaced the fan, that didn't help. The next day they replaced the temperature sensor, that mildly helped but not enough. Conveniently, our friends are moving back to Australia so we bought their fridge rather than continue down the path with ours. I will keep it around to deal with Thanksgiving stuff since it is still fine for produce and drinks, it just isn't cold enough to keep meat and dairy in, and get rid of it next week. 

    I think I decided on a nursery for DS. I haven't toured it yet but it has a great reputation, is close to our house, and in budget. I will see if I can tour it on Sunday and submit the registration on the the same day.

    Lazy day today, just laundry and playing with DS. Tomorrow I would like to go to Ikea in the morning and then we have a 1st birthday party in the afternoon. 
  • I'm annoyed with M

    So BK isn't even coughing anymore, and feeling much better. But M wants to visit SFIL's parents because they haven't seen her in awhile. Which I 100% understand. But it's Saturday afternoon. Around when BK naps and she's going to gymnastics, so she's usually tired a.f and wants to nap early.
    "Oh she can nap in the car and we won't stay long"
    FFS!! I have said multiple times that I don't wanna do stuff Saturday afternoon because BK is tired.

    I'm just annoyed.

    My plan while BK and M are at gymnastics is to sweep the crap out from under the couch and start to declutter some toys. With xmas coming up, I wanna reduce what we have and donate a bunch of what we don't play with.
    It'll be good to remove a ton - I already did BK's room. And ideally I'll be doing some stuffies soon too. There's a bunch she doesn't even touch when she can see them. I'll occasionally take some stuffies out to see if she does anything with them. 

    I'm also hoping to wipe down my fridge. Idk if that will get done though :\ 
  • Rittenhouse got acquitted. WTF?!?! I guess we knew that was going to happen, but JFC.

    Nothing much going on here this weekend. I've got to get my ish together to travel next week, a hike, and a game on Sunday. I ought to work on purging and organizing, but I'll probably watch tv instead.
  • Yay for Friday.  We are planning to go see my SIL tomorrow.  She's in a care facility so it depends if they are open for visitors.  They are today but we'll check again tomorrow.  We'll bring along 2 other SILs and stop for breakfast at a favorite place so we look forward to that.

    Sunday is church and then the Packers/Vikings game.  Then the usual laundry and preparations for the work week.

    Our second car needs some work.  UGH.  DH drives it to work and it doesn't owe us anything so we'll fix but hate to spend that money.

    I need to check with my brother and see what I need to bring for Thanksgiving.  Hoping to decorate for Christmas on black Friday and I think we need some ornaments.  We haven't put up a tree in years so not sure what we still have.  
  • Of course he did. 
  • Work is great, going to see Escape to Margaritaville tonight! Our theater is finally open so I’m getting to see all the musicals we’ve missed over the last 18 months! 
  • I feel like I have plans for this weekend that I'm forgetting.  Which means I don't care about them, so screw it.  I'm going to go by a dispensary I've been interested in trying, watch some movies, and maybe clean.

    I was so rude to a client on the phone that the new attorney who sits close to me, popped his head in and asked if I was okay.  I was, I was just tired of this client calling in, accusing me of not doing my job multiple times, then standing me up for THREE appointments, while calling every other day to "just check in".  I straight up told them I wouldn't be taking their call or calling them until X happened, that they were to stop calling and accusing me and my office of not doing our jobs, and went over the timeline with them twice and made them repeat it to me.  Then I told them to have a good weekend and hung up.  Today was just not the day, human.  The assigned attorney to the case is so annoyed with the client as well that he said, "I don't even care, if they call to complain they're probably getting another earful from me too."
  • Last night was weird. FSIL and I did our hike/run which was good but I was wiped out after. I went home and kind of picked a fight with FI (deserved, but that’s a different story), and then we made up and he wanted me to go to his school fundraiser with him. It started at TEN. I am too old for that shit. I just wanted to be in my pjs in bed. We struggled through for about 45 min and then came home and I immediately passed out. I’m exhausted today and wish I had zero plans for the weekend, but unfortunately I scheduled a treatment for my face tomorrow. FI is going to drive me so I save on gas and then after we’re going to go Christmas shopping at one of our favorite outdoor malls. 

    I hope everyone has a good weekend! 

  • I have an appointment with an ENT on Monday. The ear is doing better but I still have some congestion in it so think I need to go ahead and see him. Yesterday a friend and I went to the outlet mall south of Indy and I finished my Christmas shopping. It was great fun. Had lunch at a brewery afterwards. 

    Today I started decorating for Christmas. I did our basement today - cleaned then decorated. Tomorrow is the floor where the kids bedrooms are. I won't do the main floor until Friday because I want my Thanksgiving stuff up for Thanksgiving. Sunday I need to wrap presents since DS1 and DIL are coming for Thanksgiving but won't be here for Christmas. I need to have their stuff ready to go back with them. Tomorrow night H and I are going to a new Italian restaurant with some friends. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I've booked two weeks in March/April at the beach in SC and am about ready to book 2 more weeks in Aug/Sept. Spring will just be me and H. The summer/fall will hopefully be some of our kids at various times. I can't find a place within budget big enough for all of us to be there at once. DS1 and DIL probably won't come anyway. 

    Have a great weekend all!
  • Well @mrsconn23 I hope you’re enjoying the game. I am not. 
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