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Last day of work this week!  Had a productive cooking/baking session last night and ready for round two this evening.  Super looking forward to tomorrow since it'll be a return to normal for us- last year it was just my parents, siblings and their families, and we ate the meal outdoors in 43 degree weather.  Thankful for the vaccine that will make eating indoors and gathering with aunts, uncles and cousins possible again this year.  Also thankful to all of you in this incredibly supportive community for the kindness you extended to me, especially this past year as I trudge through end-of-marriage nuttiness.  Hoping tomorrow is a happy day for all!

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  • I'm trudging through a work day also, @ei34!  I'm off by noon, but then I'm headed over to Costco for a long day of scanning.  But my H and I should be able to finish it all today and then I can really enjoy my 4-day weekend!  It's going to be a really long day, but I've psyched myself up for it.

    Our plans for tomorrow are a little up in the air.  We usually get together with two of our neighbors for Thanksgiving at Neighbor #2's house.  But she has been on location for her job.  I heard she got back into town earlier this week, but haven't heard from her yet.  Neighbor #1 said "it's on" for Neighbor #2's house.  I'm going to text N2 a little later today, but am kicking myself I didn't do it sooner because we already bought a turkey.  And we are cooking it either way!  I would just hate for N2 to have gotten a turkey also when she didn't need to.

    It will be long weekend full of great food!  That's for sure, lol.
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  • Happy almost Thanksgiving friends!
    I feel very ...relaxed? this year. I normally have a very detailed To Do list to get everything ready. But today I went to the mall to get a coffee and shop for throw pillow covers but mostly just to walk around. Idk if this is good or if I am just going to freak out later.

    I also turned in all the paperwork to get DS registered for nursery. He went with me and then I practically had to drag him off the playground, that made me feel good about our choice.

    Tonight, I think I will make pie crusts. We aren't doing T-day until Saturday so I think that is also playing into my weird head space.
  • It feels so weird that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. 

    Hopefully work goes fast today. It's slow so I can at least catch up on things, however we have a Zoom meeting scheduled for 1:30 today regarding out software upgrade. Who schedules meetings the day before Thanksgiving!?!? So mad. 

    We are having lunch brought in today so that's nice. 
  • Crazy to schedule that so close to the end of the day @climbingsingle, people leave early this day!  Hope everyone who’s working as a smooth and quick day.  Corporate says we’re out at 2, but if my boss comes in, he’ll probably release us after lunch.

    home to work out, clean and try to apply my own fake lashes.  Lashify.  My esthetician mentioned them to me when I was last there, and she loves them. 

    Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

  • Happy early thanksgiving folks :)

    M & I had a bit of a clearer discussion about our front hall. We may buy paint soon, but we basically decided to make sure we're painting the same weekend we put the new front hall stuff together because we have to remove and dismantle everything.

    I gave M 2 choices, and this is one he chose:
    VASAGLE Hall Tree, Coat Rack with Grid Wall, Shoe Rack, 2 Shelves 15 Hooks, 72.8-Inch Tall UHSR98BX : Home

    I want to see if one of our other shelves we have could be of use beside it - for shoes, etc. We'll see though.
    I have a few smaller changes we can do in the mean time. I feel like we don't utilize the space like we could and that's what causes the messes.
    Also I'm hoping this will help us stay more organized.
  • Worked out this morning now on to making cranberry relish and pumpkin pie. Pretty low key this year. H is almost finished with the outdoor Christmas decorations. We will turn them on Friday. I will set the table today too. H and DS2 are headed to a Pacer's game this evening. DS1 and DIL arrive late evening so I will have a few hours to myself. I'm really looking forward to that!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all. Safe travels to those traveling.
  • Gearing myself up for the work day. I’m just hoping I can actually leave when we close. Somehow on holiday eves and days before vacation I always end up getting stuck at work for an extra hour. I’m debating making my sweet potato casserole or just bringing cranberry sauce and rolls to the Thanksgivings. Because of all of the things happening in the families we broke our usual rule of switching off holidays and are going to both Thanksgivings. It’s going to be an exhausting day but I’m happy to see both sides. The blessing and curse of personally hosting is not having to navigate going anywhere but it is just so much work. It’s tempting though for next year. 

    I hope everyone has a nice weekend! Grateful for you all! 

  • Our Thanksgiving plans are now up in the air.  DH's oldest sister tested positive on Tues for Covid and we spent the day with her, another sister and niece on Saturday.  DH and I are being tested tonight but results are taking up to 72 hours.  So that cancels out plans for getting together with anyone tomorrow.

    My family gathering is Sunday and we should be good but who knows.  Both of us are fully vaxxed including the booster.  UGH

    My employer (healthcare) requires a second test 72 hours after the first so I'll have to go in Sunday morning for a second test.  

    I pulled a turkey breast out of the freezer for tomorrow and we'll celebrate at home.
  • That’s a bummer @MNNEBride, fx for you

  • @MNNEBride, what awful timing right before a holiday!  I hope your SIL is okay and that you and your H test negative.
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  • Thanks.  Hoping no one else tests positive too!
  • @MNNEBride hope y'all test negative and that your SIL has a super mild case.

  • Ugh @MNNEBride fingers crossed you all test negative! 

  • I'm looking up some recipes for vegan nacho cheese for nachos this Friday, b/c I have a massive hankering for nachos.  One of my coworkers is coming and we're sitting here planning food.

    Otherwise, just trying to get through this work day and be gone for four whole days.  Whoot!!
  • VarunaTT said:
    The jury returned a guilty verdict for all 3 murderers of Arbery.

    My feels about it are all over the place, but I'm going to take this small victory as a small hope.

    ETA link:
    Now there is something to be thankful for. 🙂
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