Wedding Woes

Open Letters

Dear Boss,

There's literally absolutely no need for you to be in my office...really ever.  Email me.  

Also, when you email me, it goes into a queue.  And I will do it, when I see fit to do it.  I'm behind on everything, everyone wants their stuff, and the only thing I'm prioritizing is my mental health in this job.  So, when you think you're "helping" and really, it's just "If I do A, will that get you to Q sooner?", fuck you and your ":help" offer.  I'll get to Q when I'm goddamn ready to, not before, and nothing you do is going to make me change this.  Your bonus is NOT my emergency, concern, or priority.

So, quite frankly, fvck all the way off.


Re: Open Letters

  • ei34 said:
    Dear STBXH,

    I don't care to hear you complain about how horny you are.  It's not my problem.  We're in the dissolution of marriage stage of divorce, I can't accuse you of cheating.  Find a girlfriend.  Heck, while you're at it, move in with her.  Take matters into your own hands.  Figure it out.  Stop complaining to me about it.  

    Oh EW!  It sounds like he's fully in denial. 
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