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In suite ceremony @Cosmo Wrap Around

Hi there I’m actively planning a Vegas wedding from Canada. Been to Vegas many times and love the Cosmo and the idea of getting married on the balcony of the wrap around suite. We have about 25-30 people coming. Will they all be able to fit on the balcony for the ceremony? We will be getting married at the end of September. Anyone here done anything similar? Thanks in advance. 


  • We’re getting married at the Cosmo wedding suite in February. We’ve just sent out save the dates but are planning on inviting ~40-50 people. I don’t know if 25+ people could fit on the balcony but they definitely could inside the room. Maybe you could arrange the room so you’re married on the balcony but the other people are still in the room and watching through the open door? Or just use the windows as the backdrop instead of the crystal wall?
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