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Chilly Tuesday

Third straight day waking up to the 20s here.  I don't mind, I like winter-y air at Christmas time.  Speaking of Christmas, my cards arrived and I've been chipping away addressing them during my free period at work.  I left STBXH's name off, and I'm not sending to his family this year.  It feels a little weird, but good at the same time.  Hoping everyone's tough day goes okay!

Re: Chilly Tuesday

  • I don't mind the cold so much, but when it's cold AND windy (like it's been) I am miserable. 

    I was so exhausted last night I fell asleep at 8pm. And somehow am still feeling tired now. But I did get up early and do a quick Peleton ride. SSDD here. 
  • I'm not a fan of cold weather. Even worse when it's windy.
    Today was tolerable - cold but not super windy.

    I drove BK to preschool and to M & my normal drop spot {aka a parking lot that he can easily leave and I'm near a bus stop}
    We're probably working on some technique stuff this weekend {3pt turns, parallel parking, etc} because although I've been working on every day things.

    My test is the 22nd :\ 
  • Ha, I was nodding off all day yesterday @climbingsingle and then didn't go to bed until super late (almost midnight...ughhh).  I was sucked into Selling Sunset.  That show is so ridiculous, but I can't get enough of it.  

    This week got busier than I thought all of a sudden.  Tomorrow we have a Christmas/goodbye party with DefConn's former SpEd teacher because she wanted to have a proper off school send-off for her 5th graders.  Thursday, we have a den meeting for Scouts. 

    I did get some good Cyber Monday deals.  I probably have about a quarter of my Christmas shopping done.  

    Otherwise, it's Tuesday.  The longest day of the week.  
  • I love chilly weather!  We still need to figure out Christmas cards.  We have 8million pictures of the boys and maybe 3 of the 4 of us?  We were planning to have a short family pic session a couple weeks ago, but won't have time before Christmas now.  Selfie it is!

    good luck with the interview @STARMOON44!
  • mrsconn23 said:
    Ha, I was nodding off all day yesterday @climbingsingle and then didn't go to bed until super late (almost midnight...ughhh).  I was sucked into Selling Sunset.  That show is so ridiculous, but I can't get enough of it.  
    I keep meaning to watch this from the beginning. I think I started it last year and then (LOL) fell asleep watching it and lost my place. 
  • @STARMOON44, good luck on your interview!

    My master tenant (who runs mini-nursing homes out of 4 of my units) hasn't paid Oct./Nov.'s rents.  Our eviction date for three of those units is on Thursday.  She came out of the woodwork yesterday and contacted my H.  Said she got her SBA loan and, if she can keep those units, will pay us in full.  We agreed to that and my H is going to send her the grand total later this morning.  As much as we don't want her as a tenant anymore because she's a total POS, we're hopeful she will actually give us the $12,490 (includes December's rent for the two with a 1st due date) that we had figured we would never see.   It's such an insane amount of money that she has totally f**ked us over on.  We've been sick about it.  And I'm sure she was still collecting rent from her sub-letters the whole time, smh.  We are majorly crossing our fingers on this but she's made us promises before she didn't keep so, who knows. 

    New roof from the Hurricane Ida damage is finally being put on one of our other rental houses today.  I have a credit card ready that has zero interest until May 2022, lol.
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  • @CharmedPam, have fun in Vegas!  And good luck!
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  • I'm cold here too. I guess it's comparatively not bad, but it was below freezing when I took the dog for a walk this morning. I do not like. 

    I didn't really find anything I cared about for Cyber Monday, but I'm still trying to come up with a gift for my sister. I usually have something in mind, but I'm stumped this year. Otherwise, SSDD. 
  • Have fun in Vegas! @CharmedPam

    Fingers all crossed! @STARMOON44

    Pretty much SSDD here for me. I’m finishing up PT and then heading for work. I have a hike tonight and hopefully I can get some sleep. Unfortunately I got less than 5 hours last night and I’m scared for the rest of the day. I thought I was taking next Friday off but it’s the week after next. I’m realigning my gusto for the next two weeks. Lol. The good news is we should be done with antibiotics for the outside kitty and she’s so much better. I’m only sad I didn’t know about them for the boy kitty who was our favorite. 

    Cyber Monday was okay. I finally bought some new towels but I mostly bought myself shoes. Oops. There’s a gift or two in there for other people. Lol. 

  • I'm going to start singing a song called Space Heater to the tune of Sledgehammer.  

    I could not warm up last night and then the night sweats hit by 3 AM.  It is COLD!  I took the day off yesterday and visited my dad for his birthday.  Now I'm crossing my fingers that my kids don't have a forced quarantine in the next 4 days so we can manage to have Chiquita's birthday party on Saturday.
  • @STARMOON44 good luck!
    @CharmedPam have a great trip!  Most family knows (at least my family...a not sarcastic but sincere thanks to my mom for spreading the news around.  It wasn't a secret but also not something I felt like standing up and announcing.) I feel most of his family knows too.  I haven't really texted it (TK is really the only place I type about it) so my friends who knows are those who I see in person.  I haven't changed my status to divorced on do you address divorce on social media?  Do you? Lol..literally thinking about it for the first time now.  But back to the cards...I just...I don't know...I felt like not sending 25-30 extra cards to his side of the family.  Not even a financial decision, just felt like a good line to draw.  
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    GL @STARMOON44, fingers crossed

    i asked the SAME thing about the socials @ei34, back in the day when you changed your relationship status it would be a BIG announcement! Some people would deactivate the account, change it, then reactivate.  But when I did it in 2020, it just changed to single and no announcement (now that I think about it, maybe just “good” announcements makes everyone’s feeds?) I never officially announced it on FB and just stopped posting things with him, so people either got the hint or didnt.

  • Feeling much better today and back to normal routine.

    I need to start working on cards. We had family pictures done at the beach so I used one of those for the card. I just need to start addressing. We went to get Christmas stamps today and the post office doesn't have them yet and doesn't know when they will have them. H said he'd go back in a couple of days to see if they have them. If they don't he'll just get regular stamps. I won't be ready to mail for several days anyway.

    We've just about finished up Thanksgiving leftovers. So we will have to start cooking again. We went out last night because we had our church book club. If you haven't read The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, I highly recommend it. My other book club read it years ago. Both groups really liked it. Today we have dance lessons because I'm going to the theater tomorrow with my girls' group. Not much else going on.

  • Hilarious!  My H just called me and said the roofers who are working on our rental house are wondering if it is for rent.  It will be soon, after we do some fixes on the inside.  So H was asking me what we will be charging so he can pass it along.

    We've already given "dibs" to the other out-of-state roofing company we just rented one of our other places out to, lol.

    We are actually having that roof done by a local company.  So I assume these are sub-contractors they hired.
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