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Trying to get a lot wrapped up before the end of the year, on the personal side of life.  Work is back to ho-hum, though I have an important report to send out and I'm annoyed that the IT person (only one) hasn't gotten back in touch with me as to why I can't run it.  I sent him an e-mail yesterday morning.  I don't even know if he is here this week.  He doesn't set up auto-messages when he is going to be out.

Mainly, I'm just looking forward to another short week!
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Re: Tuesday

  • I'm in the office today since we're still doing a rotated schedule. We've had 10 people test positive so far, so it looks like we'll be doing this schedule next week as well. 

    It's extremely quiet here and I'm just waiting for the day to be over. I'm so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. Thankfully I'll be home Wed and Thurs, and then I'm off Friday. 

    Xmas was really great. Spent the whole weekend upstate. Think I'll be doing the same thing weekend. We were supposed to go to a concert on NYE but obviously that's been canceled. 
  • @short+sassy How ironic, that your IT doesn't use an away message! Lol

    I’m in the office today.  Tired, but here.  Christmas was nice but a blur. We went to my parents on Christmas eve. My parents ordered pizza and chicken and we exchanged gifts. The kids were kind of tired and grumpy which resulted in some grumpiness, but overall was nice. My SIL got my oldest an ez-bake oven! I was looking at how expensive the mixes are and (like $10-15 on amazon)- I found a cookbook instead lol. I got a heated seat cover but didn’t read the amazon description that it requires an adapter when I added it to my wish list. I went ahead and ordered it but am waiting on it so I can give it a try!


    Christmas day was just the four of us so we stayed in our PJs all day and just let the kids play with their new toys. Sunday, I wanted to get out of the house so we took the rapid downtown and went ice skating! My youngest was too little so her and dad walked around while I skated with my 5-year old. She had so much fun!


    It's taco Tuesday tonight, my IL’s might be coming over and FIL has knee surgery tomorrow. Initially, they cancelled it but now it’s back on with the condition he is not able to spend the night due to lack of beds, he will go straight home.


    I am off Friday, not sure what I will do with the kids, no other real plans this week.

  • I'm working today and achy.  I'm thinking I have DH's flu (I did take a home test last night that was neg) and am pounding fluids.   We're supposed to see the ILs Thurs so I want this GONE tomorrow.  Luckily I'm out the rest of the week. There will be early bedtimes and naps in my future.

    Luckily for masks I can wear them when near the fam.  I'm just grumpy that this is supposed to be entering into FUN PTO and I'm likely going to spend under blankets. 

  • Hi!  I'm back for a few days post Christmas.  

    We had a pretty good Christmas weekend.  Christmas Eve we had DH's uncles over and FIL.  His one uncle and his gf just stopped by but didn't stay for dinner.  Thankfully, we found out before we cooked the 2 lasagnas we'd made.  So the second one got popped in the freezer for another day.  Yay for instant dinner. FIL was doing his usual routine of being a pill.  

    Christmas Day, we got up and had breakfast.  The kiddo and gf came over to do gifts.  His gf left to be with her family and we went to my sister's to have Christmas with my family.  It was a good day.  The kids had a really good Christmas.  Dad got DefConn a personalized Yamaha hoodie to go with this new dirt bike.  He put it on and didn't take it off for over 24 hours and wants to know when it will be through the wash cycle. 

    Christmas night, our friends M and L came over to watch the Colts game and we exchanged gifts.  FIL came over too.  M's friend D who we've met a few times was in town from TX and came over as well. We were up until 2am.  

    Sunday was the best day.  We didn't change out of pj's and ate leftovers all day. We laid on the couch and tried to do as little as possible except snack.  

    Monday, I slept in, did some grocery shopping, and read the rest of the day for the most part.  I got Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown for Christmas and I can't put it down. 

    My nieces are in town.  They are coming to stay with us for a couple days.  

    Our NYE plans are up in the air.  The party we were going to attend has been canceled on the account of Covid, but we may get do a small get together.  But I wouldn't mind staying home to watch movies.  I'm glad I'm off on Friday regardless of what we do.  

    SSDD otherwise.  It's a crap weather day.  Super rainy and blah. 
  • ugh yeah, we’re lined up for some snow. Not looking forward to this.  
    @banana468 I hope you feel better for your PTO.

    working today through Thursday but we’ll be out early then I’m sure. Yesterday was a very nice day off, nails and shoppping.  New Guy texted me at 4:50 for some last minute plans.  I was lounging expecting to watch TV all night, but we did dinner which was nice. I’m looking forward to next Monday off as well. I have meetups for Sunday and Monday already lined up.  I texted my friend for a game night on NYE, so we shall see.  Already looking at cards against humanity expansion packs.

  • Oh no @banana468!  I hope feeling like shit is short-lived. 

    Sounds like you have a fun long weekend set-up @CharmedPam
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