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BYO food and drinks “venue”

Anyone know of any places in the twin cities that let you bring in your own food (from a restaurant) and your own alcohol that also don’t require a catering/liquor license? We just want to have a party with 100-150 people after our small ceremony, not a formal reception. Thanks!

Re: BYO food and drinks “venue”

  • A gathering of 100-150 people is a reception whether you make it formal or not.  Food code and most insurance for venues in Minnesota leaves your only option community spaces such as parks if you're lucky (Many parks won't even allow what you're wanting especially when it comes to alcohol as local municipalities also crack down on this pretty hard).  Check places like Jimmy's Event Center and The Mermaid that are all in-house and can accommodate a group that size without being over the top formal if you want a casual event.  
  • Northern stacks events!
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