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Back to work Tuesday

I know many folks were back yesterday, but back today and still unsure about what day it is. 

Re: Back to work Tuesday

  • They are in my prayers @charlotte989875- how awful this is!  It's sick that he had to get in through the ER, really wrong.

    Long weekend was nice.  The kids and I braved the cold and enjoyed the NY Botanical Gardens Holiday Train Show on Saturday, and the Museum of Natural History and Central Park on Sunday.  Yesterday was a nice relaxing, not-leaving-the-house day of doing some of the activities from the kids' school's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee in honor of Dr. King, with some baking mixed in.  I asked the kids what their highlight was and they said the hot dogs from the cart near Central Park, lol.  We gathered with my parents and siblings Saturday evening, it was our first time together since the week before Christmas (we usually see each other once a week) so that was my highlight.  I do feel bad for my parents, they usually do a week or two at their NH house in January and they haven't felt up to it.  Covid really and truly sucks.
  • @charlotte989875 praying for your family! 

    I'm so tired. I slept like shit last night. I just hope this day goes fast. 
  • @ei34 that sounds like a wonderful weekend.
    @charlotte989875 sending all the healthy vibes out for your BIL. What a horrible situation.

    I am *finally* finishing up in the guest room. I heard someone use the term "mom hours" which means doing a task during naps or after meals or what not. I feel like it is an appropriate measure of time for this project. Hanging the curtains turned into a hassle since not even my masonry bit in the hammer drill would make a hole. I eventually called someone and now that they are up I could start with the finishing touches.

    I really just want to spend time with my sewing machine but feel like I have a bunch of tiny projects to finish first.
  • @charlotte989875, sending good thoughts and prayers for your BIL.  Hopefully now that he is in the hospital, he will start improving.

    Not much going on today for me.  I'm going to try and get ahead on some projects at work.  

    My H and I didn't go, but there was a second line parade in honor of Betty White on Sunday.  It normally would have been on her birthday (Monday) but, since that was MLK day, they decided Sun. was better.  I didn't previously know this but, in the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina, Betty sent a plane to transport some of the animals at our zoo to safer locations. 
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  • @charlotte989875 I am so sorry.   All the good healing purple vibes and crossing all crossibles.

    Since the government has been kind enough to decide that covid no longer exists, I'm having to pull on my STD.  Filled out my paperwork, got my doctor their part, and it should all be at the office today. i emailed in and told the office this (there is one section they have to fill out and then send it all in).  I warned the acting office manager that I'm probably not coming back until Monday because the cough is lingering and my doctor was very clear that I wasn't to go back if I had even a little cough.  Got a text this morning asking me to do half days on Thursday/Friday.  Y'all, I just started laughing.  I know this person is probably under an inordinate amount of stress and I have some sympathy for her personally, but for my actual work place?  Nah.  It's reaping what they've sown.  Sorry, not risking pneumonia for y'all.  Period.  Honesty, if they had 2 brain cells rubbing together, they'd realize that 2 days won't make a difference and that if i do get pneumonia from exposure of another sick person at work, I'm going to be out a lot longer than 2 more days.

    Otherwise, SSDD.
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    Nope @VarunaTT those half days will still expose you! Or expose others. Even a minute will.  What are they thinking? Are you able to work from home? Or when you’re at home, no work can be done?
    prayers for your BIL @charlotte989875
    @ei34 what a lovely day.  Not gonna lie, hotdogs not made by me are always the best. I’m standing with your kids on this one. Lol
    @short+sassy how nice of Betty White.  I know she loved her animals!

    Back in the office, and my work chair is actually better than anything at home, so that’s good. All my furniture is so low. I just have to not place my back on the chair’s back, and remember to sit striaght.  I’m pretty comfortable and all this pain will be worth it, I hope. I’m already trying to fill up my meetup social calendar this weekend, I’m pretty sure I can start going out by then.

    my boss is sitting in her office sniffling every 10 seconds.  She did this the last 2 weeks and I’m pretty sure it’s not covid - buuuuut it’s really annoying.  I have a feeling she doesn’t even know she’s doing it. 

  • In case anyone hadn't heard, we got hit with crazy winter storm. 48cm total dropped {just shy of 19 inches}
    Office closed, so I went home. Took awhile, but whatever.
    I feel 2x - once outside because fluffy snow and ice underneath. 2nd was because our floor was wet.
    Got BK out in the snow a bit. We didn't stay long because her mitts got snowy super fast & her waterproof ones were too big so she didn't want to wear them.

    Anyways, we're suppose to get a bit more snow tomorrow so we pre-cancelled BK's allergy test. M has questions so he's going to call and ask.
    BK is going to SFIL tomorrow as originally planned. They've been doing crafts between virtual classes, so we may see what the next craft is and see if SFIL can do it with her.

    Side note Saturday BK didn't wanna nap, so we opted for quiet time with a movie. We got about an hour.
    We aren't pushing naps most days, but she has to have quiet time. Sunday I was tired a.f so BK had to either nap or quiet time in her room. Plus original plan was to set up her muffins for this week - that didn't happen so I napped then showered anyways.

    When did everyone else start officially dropping their kid's nap. BK is not entirely ready to fully drop naps, but idk what the school does yet.
  • @charlotte989875, sending good vibes and thoughts. @VarunaTT, glad you're feeling better enough to laugh at them!

    Good long weekend here. Saturday did a little hike and decided the new boots are going to be good. Sunday we got snow! It was a sad little inch that barely stuck, but it's the first time we've had snow since 2019, so it was a big deal. I tried to get the dog to go out and play in it with me, but she does not like. So we mostly sat inside with the fire and stayed warm. 

    Back to work today and I'm already salty. I have an annoying meeting every Tuesday that I hate, but it's even worse when it's the first day of the week. My former manager is one of the participants on it, and kind of tried to throw me under the bus on something today. So I'm distracting myself here to shake it off, lol. 
  • @MissKittyDanger I think a lot of the east was hit hard.  Here's a shot taken downtown:

    May be an image of nature ocean and text that says O eweather

    It's a few miles from my house and I'm in the woods not near the water...and grateful that we don't own waterfront property on a day like yesterday!
  • @banana468 Holy crap! I mean we aren't near water, so that's probably bonus.
    I'll upload a photo of my backyard yesterday. Last time we had this crazy snow might have been .... 2016? Idk. I remember 2019 having wicked snow dump like this but maybe not as much.
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    @CharmedPam the office.policy is that we're not allowed to work remotely, even though we could. Managing partner is paranoid beyond all belief. @MyNameIsNot I'm just exhausted. The office is making is so obvious that they don't care about us. I've made choices and decisions with that at the forefront of my mind and will continue to do so.  My health is paramount to me, as I'm the only one taking care of myself. 

    My petty self now wants to be all, I will not return until next Tuesday per my doctor's note, but honestly, that's silly. I'll go back Monday and hopefully have my sleep under control by then too. 

    ETA to check for names: @MissKittyDanger and @banana468 WOW at all of that.
  • I'm so sorry to hear BIL isn't doing better @charlotte989875.  T+P's to them for sure. 
    LOL @VarunaTT at your job. They are really trying. 

    I had a three day weekend.  It was OK.  Lots of downtime, but we weren't as productive as we could have been, but whatever. I did sleep in a lot, which was the best. 

    Ugh.  DH and I are having a weird time of things.  Just not seeing eye to eye on stuff.  I kind of yelled at him today because I reached my peak frustration with a communication issue.  He called back after a few and we talked it out.  I hope we're in a better space going forward.  

    Meh, it's Tuesday.  The next 2 weeks are going to be busy.  I need to get my shit together and focus on work. 
  • @MyNameIsNot, I'm jealous!  The last time it snowed in NOLA was (I think) 2008.  Our dog has never seen snow.  I'd love to take her out in it and see her reaction.  I suspect she wouldn't be very impressed either, lol.

    @MissKittyDanger, though I wish for snow less intense than yours, lol.  BK looks like she is having a lot of fun!

    @banana468, whoa!  That is quite the pic.  I'm wincing for that gray house.  Glad you all are just a bit more inland.  Sometimes I dream of owning a house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (I know you are many, many more states north).  But then it would be nightmares like that picture, during hurricane season (sigh).
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  • @MyNameIsNot, I'm jealous!  The last time it snowed in NOLA was (I think) 2008.  Our dog has never seen snow.  I'd love to take her out in it and see her reaction.  I suspect she wouldn't be very impressed either, lol.

    @MissKittyDanger, though I wish for snow less intense than yours, lol.  BK looks like she is having a lot of fun!

    @banana468, whoa!  That is quite the pic.  I'm wincing for that gray house.  Glad you all are just a bit more inland.  Sometimes I dream of owning a house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina (I know you are many, many more states north).  But then it would be nightmares like that picture, during hurricane season (sigh).
    Exactly.  I would love a bigger house but days like yesterday make me happy it's way further inland.  We can get to the beach in 10 minutes without the worry of floods - I'll take it. 
  • Prayers for you BIL @charlotte989875. How awful. Those snow and storm pictures are something else. We have still avoided all the snow and bad weather. It is just cold and not even all that cold considering it is January. We are planning on going to DD's this weekend. I hope the weather holds. I got more stuff moved out of the closet this morning. H still needs to go through his stuff. I'm pretty much down to what has to stay until the reno starts. 

    I really want to purge stuff but don't really know where to start. I should go through the closets and cabinets in my adult children's bedrooms. I hate to throw their stuff out without them going through it too. Both sons don't live in a place that can accommodate their stuff. DS1's house is tiny and DS2 lives in an apartment. DD has most of her stuff already - just some things I saved for a grand daughter whom we don't have. I'm pretty good about getting rid of my clothes but hesitate to use the 1 year rule. I've pretty much lived in workout clothes for almost 2 years. I can't even remember the last time I wore a nice dress/skirt (I wear casual summer dresses a lot). I'd hate to get rid of something that I would actually wear again.

    I contacted a breeder about a new puppy. They had put a note on their website about how busy they are, but I haven't heard from them in over a week. They always have all their puppies reserved by the time a litter arrives. I don't want one until next fall but want to get on the list now. I'm really wanting a new fur baby.
  • kvruns said:
    The site for the 4 free at home covid tests from the govt is live a day early.  It takes you here to order:

    Not all heros wear capes @kvruns

  • Annnnnd we just got notice that a kid in DS's class tested positive. So he is home the rest of the week and we are isolating until we test on Friday or so. Thumbs Down 
  • @levioosa don't feel bad! It's nice she wants to be there, but with Covid rules, etc. it makes it all the more complicated. And I'd feel the same way about then having to entertain her while she's there. 
  • @levioosa don't feel bad!  With weddings you feel like you HAVE to please so many.  And I get that you can want your BFF to be there but exactly what would she do if you gave her notice and she showed up late? 

    The only advice I'll say is be more honest with her: "It's likely going to be on short notice and I'll call you once it happens but not before."  She doesn't get to set the terms. 
  • @levioosa I feel for both of you. Covid is ruining a lot. I know how disappointed I'd be. Maybe just emphasize that you are also disappointed,  but this is the best decision for you and FI

    They just closed down the school system for the rest of the week at least because we don't have enough teachers and subs to staff classes, and severely reduced class sizes of students. I honestly feel like I'm living in a movie right now.  And work wants me in half days with a large portion of colleagues who have school age children.  NOPE. 

  • @levioosa, I'm sorry you still aren't feeling well, but sounds like you are finally on the upswing.  Congrats on you all making wedding plans!  I know it's hard to disappoint your BFF, but your reasoning makes perfect sense.  I know I'd rather have a close friend visit me when I could devote my attention to her, as opposed to if I had something major going on.  Especially considering you all aren't inviting your parents to the ceremony either.
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  • I'm super excited.  Long story short, my mom decided to put us up in a nearby hotel when we visit them in Feb.

    This is the second time she's arranged for AMAZEBALL accommodations for one of our visits.  The last time I was in CA, she paid longtime family friends to let us use their house because they were going to be in Europe during our visit.  Those friends have a house up on a hill.  They have a nice backyard patio with 180 degree unobstructed ocean views.  My H and I felt so lucky.  It was unbelievable.

    This time around, my mom put us in a hotel that is literally in a marina.  It's a big marina with lots of shops and restaurants.  It was one of my favorite places to go when I lived out there.  It's also a beautiful place just to walk around.  Lots of romantic dates there when I was young and single, lol.

    It also has a free breakfast in the morning and in-room mini fridges.  Those are both major perks for me.
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