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Bridal Shower Hostesses Thank you cards

I have a bridal shower coming up that my MOH and all 3 of my fiancé's aunts are hosting. They've all been working together on it. Does anyone have any tips on how to write thank you cards to each of them? Also do I give the thank-you cards on the day of my bridal shower or wait and send them thank you cards in the mail? I'd appreciate the tips.

Re: Bridal Shower Hostesses Thank you cards

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    Wait until after the shower. Send them each an individual card, and in them, mention something about the shower (great decorations, delicious food, stuff like that). Try to make each card personal, but it's also fine to have a few similar phrases (really appreciated your thoughtful gift of a bridal shower and all the planning that went into it, looking forward to joining your family, etc.)

    Try to write the cards and send them within a week of the shower. Do theirs first! They don't have to be long, 4 or 5 lines! And good on you for thinking of this before your shower. You must be a thoughtful person.

  • It can help if you want on the day of to give a hostess gift.  One of my showers was at my MIL's house and I gave her a box of chocolates. 

    Otherwise just do those TY notes quickly (believe me - people shrug at a slow TY note but they are WOWED by a quick one) and consider a gift for them pre-wedding. 
  • The day of the shower, I would give a small hostess gift to each of the ladies throwing the shower.  I know it's several ladies to buy a gift for, but they've bought/stamped invitations, spent $ on food, invitations, etc---not to mention their time.   You can hit the candle sale at Bath & Body Works and come up with something that is a good price but looks like a nice gift.  It doesn't have to be big or expensive, but a nice thank you gesture.      Then when you are sending out your thank you notes after the shower, mail each of the hostesses a sweet note.  As someone else said, mention the food, the decorations, etc so it is personal.  
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