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Why is a wedding ring called a band?

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I thought a wedding ring is different from a wedding band before, but someone tells me I'm wrong.

Re: Why is a wedding ring called a band?

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    They're the same thing. There's no real difference between wedding rings and wedding bands. Just check diamond or wedding ring brands. They call them bands or rings.
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    They are both wedding rings.  But I usually think of a band as specifically being only metal and without gemstones/diamonds.

    However, that might just be my perception of the words.  It's not something I've read or given much thought to.
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    I'm guessing it is called a band because it binds the couple in matrimony.
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    According to my point of view, wedding rings have creativity in them while the wedding band is a simple plain band of a single metal that is been accompanied by an engagement ring. Wedding bands are the most popular among couples for their simplistic beauty and charm! 
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    Before moving, know why a wedding ring is also called a band. Then you have to understand the difference between them.

    The wedding rings define a distinctive appearance that reflects a strong commitment. As a result, a bride wants to offer great value to his bride in selecting the wedding rings.

    While a wedding band shows simplicity and equality in a love relationship. The wedding band is made by adding a metal tone and maybe some small sized gemstones or diamonds.

    Couples started to call a wedding band instead of a ring because the intention behind offering it remained the same. That's why they called a wedding ring a wedding band.
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