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Let's Revive the "Which Song(s) Are You Using for Your Processional?" Topic!!

I was so ready to add our song choices, but found the topic closed when I got to the bottom. *harumph!* So, I'm reviving it! What song or songs are you using for your walks down the aisle (down and back)?
We're both HUGE pre-Disney Henson fans, so it wasn't hard for me to convince my guy that we should play "Somebody's Getting Married" from Muppets Take Manhattan once the processional begins. But the song I'll be walking down to him will be a surprise for him - "Rainbow Connection." At first, I thought I'd use the Sarah MacCloughlan cover, but it feels so much more appropriate for us if I go with the original Kermit cut. Thing is, I need to find a song with a similar beat that would make sense for me to practice to at the rehearsal to throw him off the scent. Our first dance will be "As the World Falls Down" from Labyrinth, but we are stumped for the post-ceremony celebratory song. We agree it should be something fairly epic, and it doesn't need to be a Muppet/Henson-related tune. (Our party and first introduction song is "Oh, Yeah" by Yello.)

I'm so excited!!!!
What are your songs??
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