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Classic: Wedding dress sadness.

I am getting married in March and I was fortunate to have my mother (who lives out of state), maid of honor, and future mother-in-law accompany me to my wedding dress shopping. When I narrowed down the choice to the final two, my guests all agreed that one option was better than the other and I decided to go with their vote. Now, I regret not getting the other dress. When I look at the pictures they took of me wearing the dress I bought, I feel almost physically ill… 

Re: Classic: Wedding dress sadness.

  • Well, you could get more feedback on the dress or you could see if it can be tailored which will still come at a cost but less than the regular dress.

    Or you can try to sell it and buy another.  There are lots of places to get a different dress where a 3rd option could work.  Only you can decide if the dress is going to be that much of a problem but I can assure you - it's not as big a deal as you think it is. 
  • I still feel this way about the "dress that got away".  I'm pissed I let everyone convince me one was better than the one I really loved.  I've been married 8 years.  But at the end of the day, it's a dress.  Either deal with it, alter it, or get a new one.  My dress looked beautiful in pictures and i totally understand why people liked it.  But it wasn't "the one'.  I'm still married and had an awesome wedding day. 
  • I also had this happen to me.  Always wondered what I’d look like that day with my other choice.
    I think we have more than one “perfect” dress and unless you can afford a wardrobe change, you get to wear one of them. I’m sure LW looked beautiful, and it wasn’t the wrong choice, just a different choice.

  • I agree with trying to tailor the current dress to be something she likes better or selling/buying another dress.

    There are few opportunities in life where you get to be all decked out in a beautiful gown (assuming the LW is talking about a more formal dress).  It should be the one she wants and feels her best in.
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