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Prudie Day

I'm buckling up, the LWs have been getting worse.
Proctoring an AP exam today but otherwise pretty SSDD.  Hope all are doing okay!

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    Good morning!! 

    If you're still watching This Is Us, I had a literal breakdown watching this week's episode.  DH was in the room with me watching (on his phone) and was like, "OMG, you're crying like it's real life."  LOL   It was a lot.  

    I also am super annoyed by Wendy on Ozark, but she screamed in a parking lot on the show and that is the energy I am feeling this week.  

    Closing out 5th grade for DefConn has been intense.  These poor kids are a hot ass mess of hormones and nerves.  It's so many big feelings. Speaking of breakdowns, he had one last night as well. Three more weeks. And Jr High orientation tonight.  Eeek. 

    SSDD otherwise. 

    Prudie coming up.  

  • It's my Friday!  I'm taking off tomorrow to prep for Chiquito's First Communion.

    I also need to run to the store mid-day because the shirt that goes with his suit is so thin I can see his tiny nipples through it.  WHY are these shirt so sheer?   He doesn't have any white undershirts so I guess I'm going to Target for lunch.  

    My parents are skipping the church Saturday because my dad's health and his unpredictable system make her super nervous about being out in public which I totally get.  I'm hoping for a nice day even though the weather should be awful.  Today it's gorgeous and a dress rehearsal for the little guy so I'm excited to see him all dressed up. 
  • We're like 3 episodes into the new Ozark episodes. I get why you're annoyed at Wendy, but I'm liking that she's kind of having a Walter White moment over the last season or so. Or maybe I'm just biased because I like Laura Linney. 

    My sister and I are taking mom on a weekend trip to Asheville for Mother's Day, so tonight I've got to pick up some groceries and pack. It looks like it's going to get cool again on Saturday, so jeans blah. 
  • @mrsconn23 The "Miguel" ep? I've heard it's just a sob fest. I'm watching this weekend likely. I am not ready for it and I kinda know what happens because I'm nosey
  • Omg ... BK some days lol
    So she has this little pouch from her frozen backpack and apparently it made it to the current backpack - and therefore preschool.

    Her teacher is telling me this morning, she whips it out and says "this is my pouch"
    Then starts going around collecting things to put in it!
    She did empty it, but they had to remind her. Ma'am klepto! Lol
  • LW’s like the Prudie letters @ei34?
    cc EVERY shirt maker @banana468.  The shirts I’ve gotten lately are also thin.  Not like they used to be.  Good thing my body is “changing” and I overheat pretty fast and kinda like the thinner material nowadays. 

    Grrrr Wendy.  She’s the worst! 

    SSDD for me. Nothing new to report.  I kinda wanted to see a movie yesterday but the theater that was showing it at my preferred time (Northman) had 2 shootings in the last 6 months (not random shootings, both victims knew the perpetrators) so now I’m like…. Hmmmm rather not when it comes to that theatre. 

  • @mrsconn23, I'm still watching This Is Us, but am three episodes behind.  Thanks for not having a spoiler, other than it's an emotional/crying episode, lol.

    @banana468, clothing manufacturers have missed out on many sales from me because they're idiots who make clothing so thin, it's partly see-through.  But isn't meant to be.  But then, these are the same companies with no standards for womens' sizing.

    This is my Friday also because it's the second weekend of Jazz Fest and I'd rather take a stupid vacation day, than have to move my car and lose my street parking spot (sigh).  But it's always nice to have a 3-day weekend, so I guess I can't complain too much.

    Whoa!  It's been a super busy day at work.  Generally speaking, my role is pretty independent.  But apparently not today, lol.  People have been coming out of the woodwork e-mailing me questions.  I feel like I've been putting out fires all morning.

    I went to Walmart last night and picked up my prescriptions and a few things.  @CharmedPam, I even looked for that banana cream liqueur!  That was the first time I was in that particular Walmart's liquor section.  Pfft, it was pathetic and small.  They didn't have any liqueur's, much less a banana one.  Now that I'm thinking more about it, I wonder if those are in the wine/beer section instead.  That's a totally different part of the store.  I'll check next time.

    But I was excited to discover they had a bottle of Bailey's Strawberry and Cream.  Over the holidays, Costco was selling a Bailey's thing that was a variety pack of tiny bottles.  I loved the Strawberry and Cream, but have never been able to find a normal sized bottle of it.  Until yesterday!  They also had bottles of Bailey's light (less sugar) and Bailey's Apple Pie flavor.  I've never heard of Apple Pie, but that's my target for next time, lol.
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  • I just drew a massive boundary at work.  We'll see how it shakes out, but either they're meeting my needs or they're firing me for insubordination.  I hate that all of this is coming down to hard lines, b/c I like my work, I like 4/5 attorneys I work for, and I like my coworkers.  It shouldn't have to be this way.  We shouldn't have 3 paralegals leave in the span of 4 weeks.

    Otherwise, SSDD.  
  • Was "I Got You Babe" playing when you woke up this morning?  

    Because there's a power line down across the street and the power's out at my house.

  • This is Us is one of my favorite shows of all times. But I haven't kept up since moving here. I didn't even know it was still making new episodes, tbh. Some day I will binge like 5 seasons and it will be glorious!

    We went to the WB theme park today. DS had a blast. I am going to upgrade our Water park annual pass to the 3 park pass so we have something to in every weather. Also, it is a little difficult to take DS and DD to the water park solo but I could probably handle the theme park.

    Tomorrow DS has swim class in the afternoon. Hopefully DH and I can get some tidying done as it is the last day of his Eid holiday and we have done nothing, lol.
  • I am finally home after a week with my bff. I’m really happy I got to see her and spend some time with her but man it was exhausting. The kids (and her mom) just sucked all of the life out of me. I’m pretty solidly in the no kids camp, and every time there was a moment of “Aw, this is kind of sweet though” someone would have a major meltdown so those thoughts got shut down real fast. But I got to catch up with her, we got to go to tea at a really fun new place, and I got to enjoy a few thunderstorms (don’t laugh, they’re super rare where I live, lol), and also a tornado warning which was much less welcome. 

    I’m happy to see H and the kitties. The girls are fighting a lot so hopefully my presence balances it out a little more again. Texting H now to see if we want to do Cinco de Mayo at home or brave going out. 

  • Happy Prudie Day!  I had a glorious night out with a work friend last night.  We went for Mexican food and inadvertently ordered the top shelf margaritas.  They were delish but we were surprised when the bill came.  Lot's of venting and gossip!

    We are hosting my family on Sunday for Mother's Day.  Grilling out burgers and everyone is bringing something.  I need to figure out a dessert yet.  Maybe just ice cream sundaes.  I'm doing a Sam's pick-up tonight but will likely need to go in the store anyway as I forgot to order a couple of things.

    DH was in an accident with his work vehicle on Monday.  He was just leaving town when some guy blew through a red light.  DH slammed on his brakes and spun out, narrowly missing going down an embankment.  Unfortunately, a truck followed the other guy through the red light and t-boned DH on the passenger side.  The first guy through the red light never stopped.  DH and truck driver were OK.  No tickets issued and now the insurance companies will duke it out.  Glad he was OK.
  • This is Us is one of my favorite shows of all times. But I haven't kept up since moving here. I didn't even know it was still making new episodes, tbh. Some day I will binge like 5 seasons and it will be glorious!
    It's the last season. I know it's streaming, but idk where outside of Canada
  • Since it's cinco de mayo, I am anticipating doing my annual "mayo in the sink" joke for M
    I have done this since we started dating. Why he stays with me, idk. Every year he finds mayo in the sink and you can hear the exasperated sigh lol
  • @levioosa, I'm glad it was such a good visit with your BFF.  I DO remember the rarity of thunderstorms in So CA.  Which is so funny because NOLA is the opposite.  Monsoon rains and thunderstorms frequently.  Before I was living here, I was visiting my b/f here.  He was at work and it started to rain hard.  I remember staring out the window for about 20 minutes. just mesmerized.  I had never seen anything like it or even close.

    @MNNEBride, I wish I could go out for a fun Cinco de Mayo Mexican feast today.  But Thursday is the one day where I have to work my Costco side-gig when I get off work.  Sounds like a really nice time, other than the pricy drinks!  Sorry to hear about your H.  I'm glad he's okay. 
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  • Oh no @MNNEBride, sorry about the accident.  Huge relief that he’s OK though. You were smart to go a day before cinco de mayo though.  Places here are packed! So hard to get in.
    @levioosa glad you got some BFF time!

    i have to get back into “this is us”. I started it years ago but whatever channel it was on lost volume suddenly and I just lost interest.  Always said I’d go back to it…:

  • I'm feeling bloated and gross today.  Probably a consequence of essentially being in my bed for the last 5 days.  I need to start working out again, i miss the gym so much!  
  • I ironed a hole in Chiquito's suit pants as we were on the way out the door to First Communion rehearsal. 
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