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Monday Comes Around Again

I'm feeling so much better.  I slept so much this weekend.  In bed by 9 on Friday, and 7 on both Saturday and Sunday.  Multiple 1 hour naps on Saturday and Sunday.  I've been slowly trying to reclaim a social life and I think between that and everything that's been going on with my dad, I just pushed too hard and was exhausted.  I was able to get up and work out this morning and do my regular routine and get to work early again.  I'm going to have to take this a lot slower.

Otherwise, I didn't do too much.  Just my regular weekend chores and watched the F1 race this weekend, which was totally fun.

Re: Monday Comes Around Again

  • I'm back in the office after being home for a week and a half. Obviously not happy to be here. I'm still feeling the effects of Covid. I'm tired all of the time and my stomach really is not feeling great. 

    Had a good weekend. Vegged at home Friday with the kids. Went shopping for new couches Saturday. Planted some things in the garden yesterday. All of these things exhausted me though. 

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    Glad your spirits are up @VarunaTT.  Those endorphins must have kicked in.  I hate working out  - but I hear you on the mental health side effect you get from it. How is your Dad doing?
    @climbingsingle, hope those covid side effects wear off. From what I hear, the fatigue is the longest lasting.  You’ll get there. 

    My weekend was great.  After picking up my liquor from walmart on Friday I told my friend I needed a zoom as an excuse to drink.  I started to mix everything together to make tasty shots. I forgot what I was getting the next day.  Prp treatment on my head! So I was slightly hung over for it.  They withdraw my blood, spin the plasma from it, and reinject the plasma into my scalp, and it’s supposed to stimulate hair growth. It sounds painful, but it wasn’t that bad.  They use a machine with vibration so you don’t concentrate on the needle.  I probably won’t drink the night before my next one though…
    Sunday was my productive day.  Workout, laundry, house cleaning and lawn mowing. 

    Eta; for anyone interested this first aid kit is 64% off at Amazon.  I think it’s great to have around the house JIC.  140 pc set for $11.97.

  • Since M was feeling better, I had him do the top corner in the bathroom.
    I was going to sand and start painting, but he was looking at it and wants to fix it. Apparently sandpaper we were given, is not the greatest for what we need to do.
    Also apparently I put it on too thick, but when I explained why to M he then understood - it still means it has to be sanded down more.

    While M & BK were at gymnastics, I cleaned up and showered.
    I love showering during the day so the windows are open and I can just chill.

    With BK's bday coming, we'd been planning on getting her the Gabby's Dollhouse and just suggesting to my mum and IL's to get her the figurines that go with it.
    Well my mum and granny went to a garage sale at BK's preschool and got the dollhouse!
    Retail - $130
    They spent $10!

    My granny doesn't know she's invited to the party yet. But I'm telling her shortly - we wanna get a date planned out first.

    After BK's nap, I took her to the park and there was some kids who just flocked to her. It was cute. The older girls were twins and 6, and wanted to show BK how to make castles. They had a little brother - who was likely about BK's age - and he was just eyeballing BK for awhile. Lol It was so cute. I've never seen other kids interact with her.

    Sunday was good. I ended up picking up my mum and left a bit early to visit a little bit. She didn't know I was coming so it was a shock lol
    We picked up drinks and then headed back. BK immediately wanted grandma to take her to the park lmao!
    I know it's weird, but I think my mum is the favourite grandparent?
    MIL and SFIL were there and BK was just attached to my mum. Maybe it's just cuz my mum is always moving and I find MIL sits a lot. BK did dance with her with MIL stood up {we had some tunes on}

    Afterwards I made dinner and M fell asleep on the couch {!?} I was annoyed cuz I was also tired and started to get a headache.
    Since we're not up on always having BK nap, she was a fkn mess by bed time. I think we may have to adjust her bedtime again when she's officially dropping naps.
  • @VarunaTT who was it that said "slow is the fastest way" or something? Regardless, it's true. 
    @climbingsingle what did you plant?
    @CharmedPam please report back on the PRP. These babies gave me some wicked hair fall and it is not cute. 
    @MissKittyDanger how do you like your car?

    Back to normal life today after our week long Eid break. DD had her 3 month shots today. She was supposed to get them last week but the holiday happened.

    My mother's day was kind of a bust because DH spaced it. Not mother's day, he got his mom something, but for me. ::Eyeroll:: I had some feelings about it at first but once he figured it out, his face at the shock of his own stupidity was all the present I needed, lol. Plus TIL there is a theatre (?) in the city and it has a performance of Motown songs later this month so I bought tickets to that.  Happy Mother's Day to me, lol. If it works out, it will be our first date without children in 3 years. I just hope I can get DD better at taking a bottle by then FX 
  • I hope the WW moms had a good Mother's Day, yesterday.

    I am so glad Jazz Fest is over!  My neighborhood can get back to its quiet and calm self.

    We need to get our shower fixed.  On Saturday, we cleaned out the bathroom closet because a plumber will need access to it, to fix the shower.

    We passed our re-inspection on Friday, for our soon-to-be S8 tenant.  The last time I had a new S8 tenant, it took 3 weeks after passing inspection before the paperwork was signed.  But that was 5 years ago, so I'm hoping it is faster than that nowadays.  It would be great if her move-in and my rental payment started on June 1st.
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  • @climbingsingle what did you plant?
    I planted just the onions and garlic, but N did cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, chives and lettuce. It's actually the first time I've really gardened. I never was interested in it, but now that I/we have so much space (and of course the garden area already established/built years ago by N) I'm really into it. 
  • Weekend was okay, busy, nice & sad. My cousin graduated law school on Friday (the fun, nice part of the weekend) but then we found out a different cousin has stage IV cancer that has spread to his brain. His parents were out here for the graduation (they live in CA) and it was awful. They’re also not great at handling things, like in general, and we’re super rude to everyone all weekend long. I have a lot of grace for how awful things are but they made it really hard to be around them. 

    Mother’s Day was nice; we did breakfast at the playground then went to MILs in the afternoon. It was nice but exhausting. I know this sounds awful but I hate doing two family things on holidays. I hate running around and feeling exhausted. It’s not fun for me. 
  • @charlotte989875 my friend and I were discussing Mother's day and expectations yesterday. For her, this is her first MD since her kid was born that wasn't during full blown covid and she was kind of like Blah. She said she likes celebrating other moms but she doesn't really enjoy being the Mom on mother's day. Then there's my mom who was so busy spending time with her mom and siblings that none of her kids spoke with her on MD, despite trying to. There is no right or wrong way to spend your day, is what I guess I am trying to say. You should have to go anywhere if you don't want to.

    @climbingsingle I love gardening. I haven't done it in a long time but I know I will again someday. It is so satisfying.
  • @charlotte989875 I'm so sorry about your cousin. 
  • @missJeanLouise so good :) It fits in our garage better than M's car so I bug him about it lmao!
    Ask me again in winter, that might change ;) 
  • @charlotte989875 that’s awful about your cousin. So sorry
    @missJeanLouise. happy mothers day to you indeed! A kidless night!
    @ei34 that’s seriously the sweetest story, so cute! Glad it was a good day for you

  • Weekend was nice.  The weather was great. 

    Friday, I ran around a bunch to prep for the weekend. 
    Saturday, BIL brought my nephews over so he, SIL, and DH could help move SIL's grandma to assisted living.  DH's cousin got married Saturday night and the wedding was great.  Awesome food, great drinks, good party, etc.  The space was also cute and decorated perfectly.  
    Sunday, my family came over for Mother's Day along with FIL.  DH smoked chickens for dinner.  The guys made other sides and a charcuterie board. 

    DefConn is under the weather. I thought it was just a cold/allergies, but he started complaining of pain in his ear and was warm.  I took him in today and he has an ear infection.  He's couching it today with 80's/90's movies, gatorade, and some ramen.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow, he'll be bored and ready to go to school on Wednesday. 

    DH got me some Hey Dude shoes for Mother's Day.  They are so cute and comfy.  They also might look adorbs with new dress I got this weekend (it has pockets!).  
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    Just adorable @banana468! Whew and glad his lewk came together, that's a lot of setbacks!
  • Church pants should by holy 😊 ok bad joke. Did you get your boatslip then @banana468?

  • Who wants to see screenshots of BK's school photos?

    That being said, what's the "code" to hide large items? I screenshot them and don't want to destroy the page lol
  • Darn I couldn't open the picture @banana468! I'm glad to hear the 1st Communion went well. @charlotte989875, I'm so sorry about your cousin.

    Mother's Day was fairly low key. H did french toast for breakfast. DD and her family left around 1:30. The twins were so cute - they picked out gardening gloves for me for Mother's Day. They were so excited to give them to me. DS2 took me to see the new Dr. Strange movie. It was fun. He left right after we got home.

    Today I've been cleaning and doing laundry. We are slowly moving stuff back into our bedroom. I'm washing all the linens. Sent the curtains out to be dry cleaned. I got the basement cleaned today and the bathroom upstairs that the twins used. Good grief I have never in my life seen so many splatters on a mirror and toothpaste in a sink. One of the twins cried about 10 minutes after they left because he didn't want to leave Nana and Papa. DD said the rest of the way home they talked about the next time they come to visit. 

    Now I think I need a quick nap. I've been having sinus headaches the last few days. It almost feels like a sinus infection but not as bad.
  • Church pants should by holy 😊 ok bad joke. Did you get your boatslip then @banana468?

    We have the guy's current slip for June.   And now the upper management at the marina knows of our dilemma so maybe that's more eyes to help?
  • Update: this is parenting a 7 YO

    "Mom!  Help me with my suit!"

    ...two days later

    "MOM!! Spell I cup!"
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