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SIL as bridesmaid - please help!

I really don’t know what to do, my FH has 3 half sisters, 2 on his mums side and 1 on his dads side. 
I’ve always known who I wanted as my bridesmaids even before I met my FH. 3 of my childhood friends and my cousin who is like a sister to me. 
However, one of my FH sisters (on his dads side), we have a very close relationship, she’s been like my little sister since I met my FH I’ve known her since she was 12. In my heart I really would love to ask her to be a bridesmaid but I don’t want to ask the other two from his mums side, I have an okay relationship with them, nothing bad has happened. I’m just not very close with them and they never seem to have time for me if I ever suggest to do anything. I just don’t know whether I’m being out of order because I know sometimes people expect that role when they are siblings with the groom. 
Just to add, the sisters on the mums side and the dads side don’t have anything to do with each other, would really appreciate some advice!

Re: SIL as bridesmaid - please help!

  • Your wedding party should be people you truly feel close to, not people you feel obligated to include. Personally, I think it's totally fine to ask one sister that you have more of a relationship with and not ask the others. If you're questioned, just say you wanted to keep it to people with whom you're closest. Sure, sometimes people think they're going to be asked based on a family relationship, but it's also possible that your FH's other sisters are aware that you're not close and they won't expect or want to be asked. (FWIW, when my brother got married, my SIL did not ask me to be a bridesmaid, and I was 100% fine with it.)

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    You don't have any obligation to ask anyone on any side of either your or your FI's family to be in your wedding party, and if you don't feel close to them, you need not ask them. If anyone questions this, I would just say that you are asking the people to whom you are closest to be in your wedding party, and if anyone gets pushy, you can respond, "Thanks, but my choices are final."
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    you don't HAVE to ask anyone you don't want to for sure.  But I would feel odd in this situation asking one sister and not the other two.  I'd probably ask everyone just to avoid anyone feeling like one family was getting special treatment.  That said you definitely do not have to and the PP's have great suggestions for if anyone says anything to you.  
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