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RSVP formulas not working... what is HAPPENING??

Omg what is going on?! I have set up eight events for my guests to RSVP for attendance. However, when I compare the all events tab RSVPs against the individual event rsvp tab the responses do NOT align. It looks as though the formula the site is using is pulling data from the wrong section. But I cannot tell the rhyme or reason because some of the RSVPs match up with the guest's request. However, when I go in and manually update an RSVP, it is correct only in the spot that I updated, not necessarily on the all events tab. Is anyone else having this issue? Am I supposed to only use Chrome or something? I'm not sure when guests RSVP which tab is the one correctly storing the data, so I guess it's back to pen and paper??

Re: RSVP formulas not working... what is HAPPENING??

  • Oh no!  Please reach out to our Customer Support Team ASAP at so they can help you figure this out!!
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