Wedding Woes

It’s Monday, again.

Things are dreary here today; the weather and the atmosphere in the city. I’m angry and sad.

Hope everyone else is doing okay!

Re: It’s Monday, again.

  • @charlotte989875 I just heard this morning. I don't doubt the feeling :( 
  • Weekend was good but felt a bit chaotic at times.

    Saturday I had to go with for gymnastics because M was just honestly being a jerk and didn't want to stop - on our route! - to drop me off so I'd just go to my mum's place.
    I had to go. Then I figured "Oh I'll take advantage and run to book store to pick up M's fathers day gift."
    He got cranky that I left, but whatever. BK wasn't listening so they left a few mins early.

    She was going to my mum's place so we're chalking her asking to leave to the fact she wanted to go to grandma's
    After drop off M & I went for lunch - sushi! - and they had this neat robot helping.
    We asked one lady how they felt about it - they love it. Adds extra "person" if extra busy, short staffed, etc but also reduces burn risk because it can carry hot things and no risk of spilling or burning.
    It's really cute too lol

    M & I ate too much and fell into a food coma after.
    We went to a dinner theater thing and didn't eat until late - great food but I was still so stuffed.
    It was SFIL's parents anniversary on Thursday so it was a huge deal. SFIL has family from the states that came up. It was great to see them :) 

    We got home and I crashed so early lol

    BK was apparently up at like 7am so my mum was asking we get her about 10:30 - but we didn't leave my mum's place until almost 12 lol
    BK had a solid lunch, and asked for nap. I find after sleep overs she wants a nap - probably misses her bed.

    I had such a headache all evening. Stormy weather came in so idk if that's why but it didn't change my headache :( 
  • Ugh what a horrible weekend.  NY, that church in CA.. and you probably don’t even hear about what’s going on in Chicago?

    I’m looking forward to the next few days of actual spring weather.  What was up with first Summer? Saturday was a fun day for me, I went to an ancient indian and burial tour about 1 hr away from me, and then out for lunch with the group.  Sunday, I went through my “bottoms” closet and donated everything to big for me since last summer, and I started the “tops” closet(s) but as I went through the majority of them, I realized I couldn’t part with most of them.  Maybe another day. I’m in denial about some of my tops I’ll “never wear again”.  But that’s IT.  I did nothing else on Sunday but stay in bed and watch TV.  

  • I heard about NY and CA.  What's up in Chicago? Ugh.  

    Our weekend was all right.  Friday night, our friends came to dinner.  They stayed late and while I love having them over,  we should have wrapped up earlier because I was running on fumes by the end of the night. 

    Saturday, I felt like ass.  I got some grocery shopping done and then ended up in bed for about 2 hours.  Never really napped, but the relaxation felt good. DH and FIL worked on laying down mulch until the weather moved in and then it stormed from about 2 until 8.  FIL took DefConn home with him to spend the night.  DH and I had an extremely low-key night watching Top Chef and Outer Range.  We went to bed early, lol. 

    Sunday, I cleaned my office which was so needed because it was gross and disorganized.  DH and FIL did more outside work (even thought FIL's version of 'helping' is fucking annoying sometimes...he was squirreling out and now has created more work for us before my nieces open house, plus was trying to convince DH of all these projects he 'needs' to do.  DH was like, "Um no, I don't have the money for that at the moment.").  We had dinner and finished Outer Range.  

    SSDD otherwise. 
  • I truly had an intense weekend. 

    Friday night I found out a guy I went to school with died of an overdose. He was dating a woman I'm friends with, and apparently he was at the bus stop with her 9 year old daughter when he collapsed. He ended up passing away a short time later at the hospital. Totally devastating. He was very well known, and was friends with so many people. 

    Saturday I got my hair done, bought some cute stuff at Target (they have fantastic and comfy Jockey bras right now) and then had lunch with my friends. 

    Yesterday was going somewhat normal until a freaking tiny kitten fell out of the front of my car! N and I were freaking out. Where the fuck did it come from?? How long was it in there? I worked from home Friday, and during the afternoon, I saw my dog sniffing the front of the car, and then under it. I checked it out and saw nothing. Was outside multiples times over the weekend. Drove all over the place Saturday. There's only one outdoor cat in our neighborhood and she's fixed. Have seen no other cats or kittens. 

    So, we brought it inside. N ran to the store to get baby kitten food. We figured out she's about 3 weeks old. My dog tried to bite her, so we set her up in the living room in a box and blocked it off so Stella can't get in there. We put a heating pad in there for her too. She made it through the night - peed and pooped a few times and was eating more food this morning. She's super tiny and adorable. And I'd consider keeping her if I wasn't allergic. 

    Now get this - we have a stray cat at work that had kittens. And everyone here is convinced it's one of her cats. People had seen the kittens, but then the mama cat moved them at some point last week. And when I was leaving work Thursday, the mama cat was under my car. Not unusual, as she's done it before. But I had to shoo her away while I was trying to leave. Then Friday afternoon as I was working from home, Stella was sniffing under my car. I thought maybe a mouse or something was under there. I checked, and saw nothing. And didn't think of it again. 

    Guys. I drove home 60 miles Thursday. Drove to the DMV Friday. Drove Saturday to the hair salon, Target, lunch w/ friends and then all the way back home. I think this kitten was in my car the whole freaking time until yesterday! HOW!? I feel so awful! I want to cry thinking of how scared this cat must have been. 

    I talked to one of our logistics guys and he said he saw the mama cat last week like reaching up into one of the cars, and he couldn't figure out what she was doing. But now I guess we know. 

    I have a friend that wants to take her, so that's good. Otherwise she'd just be another stray cat here in Jersey for who knows how long. So yeah. She's safe for right now in my living room in her little box, and food and heating pad. 
  • @CharmedPam what's happening in Chicago? :\ 
  • I mean I don’t want to “one up” anyone, ALL cities have their problems and I know this, but Chicago is just getting worse with gun violence, muggings and robberies. Especially with gangs but I keep on hearing about all the kids being caught in the crossfires and it’s heartbreaking.  This weekend a 16 year old was shot near the bean in Millennium Park, which is a relatively nice touristy area. I hate what’s happening to “my city”.

    Mmmmm that ice cream looks delish.  Cute family photo! Glad camping went well despite sleeping in the car @banana468

  • Friday my allergies flared up and I called off work in morning, took some meds and went back to bed.  Was feeling better by noon and worked in the afternoon.  We stayed in Friday night.

    Saturday we took my Mom to the cemeteries to put out flowers as she's busy next weekend and we're gone Memorial Day weekend.  We make it a day, get lunch and do a little exploring.  The weather was beautiful - high 80s with enough wind to make it feel cooler.

    Sunday we did online church, then went to brunch and then shopped for a couple of big ceramic pots to put on either side of the garage door.  Then it was home to put out shepherd's hooks and plants.  We have a new leaf blower so I channeled my inner Rambo and cleared the patio and flower beds of leaves and such left from winter.  It was in the upper 70s with no humidity so perfect for working outdoors.  I have a few more things to do and might do them tonight before it rains later this week.

    Tomorrow night is mani/pedi and am looking forward to that.

    DH saw his Dr. on Friday and had a medication adjustment to help him sleep better.  He also shared with the Dr. that his wife was reporting he was often frustrated and short tempered.  After some discussion, it was decide to try a depression med.  I fully support this and am glad DH brought it up to his Dr.  He'll start them this week and goes back in a month for a follow-up.  Fingers crossed.

    Our work unit is posting a new position and I'm going to apply.  It's open to internal and external candidates, so we'll see.  If I got it, it would be a promotion and up several pay grades. Crossing all the crossables!
  • @charlotte989875 my condolences to your friend. I am sure there is a sense of being robbed in the city. Like someone violated your safe haven, so horrible.

    @banana468 beautiful family. Glad you and chiquita had fun. Is that hole in the wall behind you in the picture?

    We had a lame weekend. The president of the country died so many businesses were closed. Plus it was very windy and that means dusty. DS's allergies flared up again, snot and cough. He spiked a fever Friday night but it went down quickly and never returned. "Luckily" Monday was a day of mourning so schools were closed and he got an extra day to recover. I spent as much time as I could organizing things to sell on FB. I have a smaller hackback now so the giant stroller DS used when we had a Jeep just isn't as practical and I want to get a smaller one. Hoping selling some things will help off set some of the cost.
  • In case anyone is curious what "kid phase" we're at ...

    Friday night BK could not fall asleep. Probably because she fell into too deep of a nap around 4, so she was up until 10pm
    I figured Saturday she'd sleep in a bit - we didn't need to leave the house until 10am anyways, but her hatch shuts off at 8:15am

    BK: mom? Mooommm!? Mama!!! Mommmyyyyyy
    Me: *sigh, get up & go down hall to her* Yes?
    BK: *sitting on nugget* I have 2 boo boos on my knee. *points* {note: she has more than 2}
    Me: ... seriou - yep. You have 2 boo boos. Let's go downstairs
    BK: can i have a waffle?
    Me: yeeppp
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