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I was driving home from the weekend yesterday, so today is my Monday.

Had a good weekend.  The resort we stayed at was fun.  It was kind of an amazing experience to be at a full that was just filled with all queer folx, different body types, ages, races, etc.  At one point, I looked at the friend I was with and said, "This is what straight people felt like at Spring Break, isn't it?"  Went and saw the pageant we needed to on Sunday.  It was alright.  I think my friend can do MUCH better and we'll start working on their package this week.  Driving home yesterday was terrible! I had to pull over twice for a nap.  I am no spring chicken anymore.  

Came into work and it's somehow a bigger shitshow than it already was?  IDK what it's going to take for this place to pull the collective head out of the collective authority people's ass.  We're losing another paralegal.  Plot twist:  it's the one that I just had the big exchange with to get Diva 2's cases away from me.  I just started laughing.  Karma was a fast acting bitch this time.

ETA:  I finished Outer Range.  I didn't hate it. I think the acting was superb and that's the only thing that saved it.  The writing isn't bad per se, but it really reminded me of Lost -- that moment when you knew the writers had lost the story and had no idea what was going on or how to salvage it.  There is no guarantee of a season 2.  I would watch if it came out, but the writers had better come right out of the gate with strong writing or I'd stop.

Re: Tuesday

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    Well BK is signed up for Fall gymnastics!
    I may see about buying some gymnastics specific tights - I already got her a top and some shorts that are gymnastics specific.

    I also priced out tires for winter. Lol my tires are like half price of what M's tires are - which he said they probably would be.
    If we had space, I'd buy them now and just store them - there's a mail in rebate lol Alas we do not have space yet.
    As I told M, if we don't get stuff I want cleared out by spring I'm gonna end up calling a company to come take it.

    We're also low on timing for BK to be using the latch on her bedroom door, but I don't want her wandering solo because spare room is just not ok.
    I've been trying to clean it but it's gotta be redone - not just cleaning up stuff, but the floors.
    My ideal is after stuff gets cleared out, it'll be easier to give a really good mop so it's a little more sanitary.
    Unfortunate downside of Angel having issues near the end :\ 

    Good news is my uncle does flooring - he owns the company - so even if he's retired by the time we do it, he'd probably still "over see" the job

    We're in BK party planning. In like 11 days is her bday - but we're doing party the weekend after.
    2 years of not being able to do anything with BK for her bday, we're doing a bit of a celebration just us 3
    Friday we're sending cupcakes {maybe Thursday also because BK said she has friends not every day} So I messaged her school about kid amounts and allergy issues to be sure we're being safe and buying enough lol
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    Back into the grind again!

    I'm dealing with a client that's asking for a timeline of a launch and so much hinges on their decisions that I have to spell out "you need to make a choice by this time or else we're into 2023" which I fear is going to go over like a lead balloon

    We started Ozark last night and I'm not thrilled with how the 2nd half is going or the plot synopsis but we should finish by next week.  There's a huge part of me in the pandemic that can only handle shows like this that can be realistic and gritty in small doses.  I can handle Stranger Things way easier than Ozark but the Ozark/Breaking Bad type can really bring me down. 
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    @VarunaTT, I’m glad you had the sense to pull over and rest your eyes (as my Dad would say growing up on road trips). Glad it was a good time.  Any resort, poolside, can’t be that bad. 

    I started hulu’s Candy on Sunday, and have 1 more ep (I think it’s only 5?) Jessica Beil is great in it. Really did well on the 80’s household too. Last night my homechef delivery came in, but I was in such a “rut” I didn’t feel like cooking, or working out, or using my hottub for my muscles. I just vegged.  Even this morning, the same. I think I’m just done with this recovery, and my dark mood is peeking through. I just want my arms back. 8 more days. 

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    @Casadena, one of the best restaurants I have ever been to EVER.  Anywhere.  Is ZED451 in Chicago.  It's a Brazilian steakhouse, so it's an "all you can eat" set up.  With a large array of sides/salads that people can grab themselves and then servers come around tableside with various types of meats.  However, I was there before the pandemic, so I'm not sure if they do it the same way.

    We went for brunch, which I think they only have on the weekend.  It's similar to their dinner choices, except for a few dishes that are more "breakfasty".  Like bagels/lox and some egg choices in the salad/side bar area.

    At any rate, the service was amazing and almost everything we tried...and we had a few bites of a LOT of things...was phenomenal.

    @VarunaTT, today is my Monday also.  I was sick yesterday and stayed home.

    However, neither Sunday nor Monday felt like much of a day off.  I was dealing a lot of with rental stuff, specifically applications.  It's been such a s**t show, this time around.

    We offered it to one family on Thursday, pending a clear background check.  Collected the deposit.  All in all, probably spent about two hours talking to them throughout the day/evening.  Sent them the link for our background check.  They've been evicted from their last THREE places.  GTFO.  That would be three evictions since only 2018.  So glad to not be #4.  She claimed she didn't know anything about them, I was never served.  Blah, blah, blah.  If any of that was even true, I assume they moved out before the actual eviction court date, because they knew they were about to get kicked out.  So they might "technically" had not received that notice.  But thanks for wasting tons of my time.  Plus making arrangements on Friday for picking their money back up.  Minus the background check fee.

    Offered it to another couple on Sunday.  They had some unusual things going on, including FEMA supposedly paying for their first year of rent.  So I probably spent a total of 90 minutes talking/texting with her throughout the day.  But after the experience with couple #1 fresh in my mind, when she said the "background check would be no problem".  I qualified it more and told her a little of the other story.  So is she absolutely sure she never left a place still owing rent?  Where an eviction may have been filed that she didn't know about?  Because it's $42/person, so $84 total, they'd be out if an eviction popped up.  Aaaaaannndddd now a story comes out, though not much of it was about the rental she was concerned about.  In a nutshell, she didn't know for sure, but said she'd probably have something come up in CO.

    FTR, my qualifications are listed IN the rental ad and we also verbally tell people when they give us an application.

    One application, the candidate lied about their employment.  Another application, the candidate lied about who their landlord was.  It gets demoralizing!

    So I was back to the drawing board on Monday, sigh.  At least being out sick, I was able to call on more references from the next few applications we have in line.

    Other rental stuff I had.  Thought at least this was good news!  We have a pending S8 tenant for a different rental.  The house passed inspection over a week ago, so now I was waiting to hear back from S8.

    Color me shocked, because the local S8 office is only open M-F.  But her case manager called me on SUNDAY!  They're approving the rental amount I was requesting and are also paying 100% of it.  I had to make a few tweaks to the lease and then e-mail it back to her.  I did that on Sunday.  On Monday, I was sent the S8 contract to docu-sign.  Everyone signed it on Monday and the tenant stopped in the early evening to pick up the keys!  I'll also get pro-rated rent for May, since the tenant wanted to move-in yesterday. 

    All of this got done 2-3 weeks earlier than I was expecting.  I also got to be the bearer of good news.  When she picked up the keys, she told me she just wasn't sure what her portion would be.  I got to tell her it was $0 :).

    The tenant's portion of the rent at her current place is $156/month.  She looked doubtful and asked if I was sure.  I told her I was absolutely sure.  That's what was told to me in the phone call, in the e-mail, and it was also in one of the pages of the contract we had docu-signed earlier.
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    Good almost afternoon.  

    Tuesday, bleh.  Nothing much to report.  SSDD.  Just waiting for my 4 day weekend next weekend.  I'll actually have 2 long weekends in a row.  

    My across the street neighbors are putting their house on the market.  I'm kind of hoping someone cool buys it and we can be neighbor friends.  I told my friends M and L, but it's going to be out of their budget (I asked my neighbor what the listing price is going to be). 

    I did make up a recipe last night with chicken sausage, pasta, sautéed veggies, and mozzarella.  DH and DefConn ate it up. Woohoo!  
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    ...and this is what happens when your state has Draconian, super conservative politicians...(rant ahead)

    The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists was going to have their 2023 annual conference in NOLA.  They just cancelled it, in order to move it to San Diego.

    Their reasons were they wanted to move it to a state "whose legislative climate is consistent with our values".  And because a location "where the provision of evidence-based care is banned or subject to criminal or other penalties is directly at odds with our mission."

    This is a huge conference with 4K people attending.

    It's just infuriating.  NOLA was devastated by the pandemic.  Conferences/tourism are our life blood.  Louisiana is one of the most poverty-stricken states.  Low wages, ranked 50th for health care, and almost at the bottom for education also.

    But let's "clutch our pearls" about abortions, while throwing out potentially 100s of millions of desperately needed commerce dollars because of it.  We've already seen it happen in TX and GA.
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